Car Owners Have Found a Way to Avoid E-Challans in Lahore

Lahore is seeing a substantial increase in tampered and laminated car registration plates as more and more car owners are trying to escape the e-challan.

The illicit act allows drivers to negate the monitoring cameras set up by Pakistan Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) in Lahore.


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Lahore’s traffic police issues e-challans to those who break traffic rules by using these cameras. The cameras have helped bringing the number of violations down but as per information, people have found a way around this by either tampering their car’s number plates or having them laminated making them unreadable.

This raises question marks on the performance of multiple departments including Traffic Police Lahore, Excise and Taxation Department and Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA). Only computerized number plates issued by the Excise department are allowed and any changes made to them are illegal.


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To add confusion to the mix, all the departments are playing the blame game with the PSCA saying the responsibility lies with CTP and E&T with PSCA being empowered to take action during the surveillance operation.

The E&T department has said that this doesn’t fall under their purview and CTP, on the other hand, has said that it is penalizing the violators for using tempered or laminated number plates.

  • This is what is called ‘evil genius’. They have the pockets to buy cars worth fortunes. They have the courage n guts to violate traffic rules & adding fuel to fire they have the genius to find a way around. But they will not follow the rules made for their own safety. Shame on these people.

    • Is this really what you can evil genius? Your standards for evil and genius are way off lady.

  • There are still cars with non standard plates driving around Lahore. Until the police is trained to stop all infractions, not just those that they are actively campaigning against, roads will continue to lawless.

  • This should be considered “Criminal Act” and dealt strictly, with heavy penalties.

  • This is what happens when one standard design for all license plates is not enforced.

    Everyone has a different looking number plate, making it hard for law enforcement to identify vehicles when going through security footage / traffic cams.

    The ban on custom designed license plates has to be enforced nationwide to stop ridiculous things like this that shouldn’t be happening in the first place.

  • a large proportion of vehicles have number plates from areas outside Lahore and therefore cannot be penalised under the e Chalan system.

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