Punjab Govt Responds to Allegations of Selling LTC Buses as Scrap

The government of Punjab has denied media reports suggesting that it sold out the Lahore Transport Company (LTC) buses in scrap.

Responding to a digital news outlet’s report that Punjab is selling out LTC buses on very cheap rates to a federal minister’s steel mill, Chief Minister Usman Buzdar said that the information is completely false and fabricated.


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He clarified that the former Punjab government had given an eight-year contract of specific routes in Lahore to a private company AlBayrak, which recently expired. All these buses were the company’s property and that the provincial government had nothing to do with them.


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CM Punjab took to Twitter to spell out the details, adding that the government had not renewed AlBayrak’s contract because it wanted to introduce 300 electric hybrid buses on these routes under the Electric Vehicle Policy.

The step will not only facilitate Lahoris with affordable transportation, but it will also play an essential role in reducing air pollution and smog in the provincial capital, he added.