Govt. Will Provide Free Groceries for People Earning Less Than Rs. 25,000

Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced that the government will help people who earn less than Rs. 25,000 a month in buying essential commodities.

The decision was taken during the cabinet’s meeting that explored ways to provide relief to low-income groups at a time of high inflation.

According to details, the government will help low-income groups in buying wheat, oil, sugar, pulses, and other basic commodities.

The cabinet has also decided to allocate a significant amount of funds in the upcoming budget for this initiative.

PM Khan says that the government is dedicated to providing relief to the poor segment of the society.

Provision of relief to low-income segments of the society and adhering to their basic needs is the foremost responsibility of the state. The government is trying its level best and committed to ensuring meeting basic requirements of low-income segments of the society.

In a twitter post, PM Khan wrote that the government’s efforts, including subsidy accorded to the Utility Stores Corporation (USC), have resulted in bringing down inflation by 2.16%. Inflation for February 2020 was recorded at 12.40% compared to 14.56% in January.

Earlier in January, PM Khan had officially approved a Rs. 6 billion subsidy package for USC.

Prices of essential commodities such as wheat, rice, oil, and legumes went down significantly following the subsidy package.

The subsidy package for USC resulted in an 800% increase in sales of the enterprise for the month of January.

Via: Business Recorder

  • Imran Khan you doing whatever you can for people who live in cities but what about people who are living in villages? There is not even basic human Rights, or Child and women protection .Specially in Kalar Saeedan, Bewal Samote and many more villages. There are so many Domestic violence cases, poor children and women have no where to go for help. Poor education system.
    My cousion been victim of Domestic violence and went to report to police, they demanded 10000 rupees to pay visit and when came to her house askes for further 5000 to file report. What on earth is going on, where are people meant to go.

    • We cannot expect everything at a time. Help doesn’t come from sky . Let try the leader . Rest is Allah’s mercy.

    • Ab Pakistan ki Emandaar awam apni income 25000 se kam sabit krnay k liay pura zor lgaay gi. Haqdar se pehlay lalchi log sab harap kr jain gay

    • Villagers should have a biogas plant and solar panels…. They should not look towards the government for anything

    • Same was happening before IK, any reaction needs action. Villages are tumbled, action can only be taken if that particular region people persue and raise the voice, i know social media is not available, but if u can email here so u can also raise your voice on Citizen Portal. Try that out!

  • Seems like he knows he can’t run the government without having a clear majority…. Can’t make or implement new laws….. He is looking for early elections?

  • This is neither viable nor practicable. Won’t last beyond few photo shoots. Enough of such bullshit. Govt should carry out practical reforms.

  • If only there was word shame in Imran’s Dictionary. Salting a wound is like a trademark of this government and Imran Khan is in front lines. Prices has gone up way way up than anyone could even imagine before this government. Not for just grocery items but medicines, utility bills, fuel, general commodities, transport, books, anything you can think of. Even the rent has gone up since there are new taxes on constructions. Every effort seems to keep poor even poorer. This daram will have the same result just like so called “Utility Stores” and fraud “Citizen Portal App”. All the subsidy goes in the store mafia’s belly and third rate garbage is sold there which the awam can buy after standing two ours in lines which they don’t have since they need to work for their children day and night. I curse the day I supported this party. May Allah forgive me for this sin.

    • You would prefer to support the party of «Mr 10%» Sir? Have you forgotten the mass corruption of that time?

  • I belong to lalamusa and we relate a mediocre family but I swear very poor performance by this govt on every front and this type of things are just lame excuses after bringing too much مہنگائی

    • Kashif Mehengai aani hi thi one way or another. Kabhi sirf yea socha pakistan kitna makrooz hay aur government kaisay utaray ge yea karz ? mehengai is one of the strong way to do it .. i know its hard time , but it shall pass. Purani governments nay buhut bura salook kia hay is mulk kay sath.

  • Only someone out of his mind can say such a thing. Ridiculously impossible. Even an idiot will laugh at this gimmick.

  • Stomach pain due to so much laughing…. Uuuuffffffffff…. What a creature our PM is….. The only human with all non human atitude, on the face of the earth.. ??????

  • دنیا میں نیازی جیسا نا اہل نا لائق شخص شاید کوئی نہیں ہو گا 400 فیصد مہنگائی کر کہ کبھی یوٹیلیٹی اسٹورز کے ڈرامے کرتا ہے اور کبھی کہتا ہے کہ 25000 سے کم آمدنی والوں کی مدد کی جائے گی اس نے کچھ بھی نہیں کرنا 18 ماہ میں اس نی جو حال ملک و قوم کا کیا ہے وہ سب کے سامنے ہے

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