Mercedes-Benz Invents A New Type of Steering Wheel

Mercedes-Benz has showcased its 2021 E-Class which, like its German luxury counterparts, will be fitted with its newest driver-assistance features.

Interestingly, the E-Class’ steering wheel will feature capacitive sensing which will monitor if the driver is paying attention while using the driver-assistance features. Before this feature, cars by Mercedes would monitor this by detecting if the driver’s hands were on the wheels or not but it was difficult to measure the balance regarding how much movement needed to be measured.


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Now, with the help of the tech, the E-Class will know if the hands are on the steering wheel or not – people still might cheat – this is a more straightforward approach than the previous one. This is crucial as new cars are coming with tech that is taking over some aspects of driving and this could lead to humans becoming more complacent.


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The new tech by the German auto giant could help transform the auto industry with other car companies following suit with their own tech along these lines. On the other hand, what the NTSB chair Robert Sumwalt’s said comes to mind: “If you own a car with partial automation, you do not own a self-driving car. Don’t pretend that you do.”

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