Pakistan is Losing 50,000 Acres of Land Every Year Due to Rising Sea Levels

The climatic changes all over the world are adversely affecting Pakistan. A recent study has revealed that the sea level in the county is increasing by one millimeter every year due to rising temperatures all over the world. Experts believe that due to this, the sea is swallowing up to 50,000 acres of land every year in Pakistan.

The county’s chest disease specialists stated this during a plantation ceremony at WWF’s Wetland near Turtle Beach in Karachi.

President of Pakistan Chest Society (PCS), Dr. Nisar Ahmad Rao, expressed that Pakistan is tenth among countries subjected to calamities from global warming, adding that marine forests can positively impact the development.


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Dr.  Nisar, Head of Ojha Institute of Chest Diseases, Dr. Noushin Saif, General Secretary (PCS) Dr. Mirza Saifullah Baig, and other key speakers maintained that aggressive plantation campaigns could fight global warming.

Experts say that every year, more than 70 million people die prematurely due to air pollution; most of these lives can be saved by making the environment clean.

This is why Chest Con 2020 is being launched with plantation to fulfill the moral and social responsibility of improving the environment. Chest diseases can be reduced by controlling urban, industrial, maritime and gross air pollution.

President PCS said that society organizes an annual international conference on chest diseases, which is being held in the last week of March this year, as Chest Con 2020. PSC has started a campaign ‘healthy lungs for a healthy life’ ahead of the conference, he said, adding that the Chest Con will feature dermatologists, surgeons, and 15 foreign experts addressing the scientific sessions of the meeting.

  • plantation for the sake of plantation is not required by us. Plants cover the useful land area. So, it is advisable that only those plants should be grown which are both environmentally and commercially useful for our country.

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