Fawad Chaudhary Wants 1300% Increase in Science and Technology Budget

Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry, is thankful to Prime Minister Imran Khan and the cabinet for increasing his ministry’s budget by 600 percent. The minister, however, said they require a 1300 percent budget increase to carry out all the projects.

In a statement to media, Fawad requested the government to review its priorities and keep projects related to Science and Information Technology on top. He spelled out the ministry’s plans to set up electronic laboratories across the country.


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He complained that many positions in the subordinate institutes of the ministry are vacant due to lower salaries on offer, adding that the government’s standstill policies and low pays keep people with years of experience in related fields away from such jobs.

Chaudhry mentioned that he has now changed the policies, adding that the ministry will soon start hiring for these vacant posts. He noted that the project of battery-powered electric buses has been put on hold due to the spread of the novel coronavirus.


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In the last fiscal budget, PM Khan had allocated Rs. 43 billion for projects related to science and technology. The move was appreciated by the minister who mentioned it on Twitter.

So grateful to PM Imran and the federal cabinet for highest ever allocation of RS43billion for projects of Science & Technology.

Fawad said that the increase in science and technology budget reflects on the incumbent government’s commitment towards the future of Pakistan.

  • and then most of this money goes to substandard developers who make pathetic looking apps for government they dont get updated for years

  • How about the Ministry of Science and Technology, first explains in detail where and how the 43 billion rupees has been spent.

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