Former English Player Believes England Will Tour Pakistan as Previously Planned

Acclaimed English commentator, Michael Atherton, is in Pakistan till Sunday on a brief tour to film a documentary for Sky Sports on the return of cricket in Pakistan as the entire PSL is being played in the country for the first time.

Michael Atherton has been seen interviewing foreign players and commentators participating in PSL and eliciting their views regarding the security situation in Pakistan.

During an Instagram live yesterday, Michael Atherton briefed the world about his experience while in Pakistan.


Another World-Class English Commentator Comes to Pakistan for PSL

Michael Atherton said:

I am extremely satisfied with the security situation in Pakistan. The Sky documentary will help to portray a positive image of the country that has suffered significantly in the past.

Atherton remains confident that the English cricket team will visit Pakistan as per the Future Tours Programme schedule.

Surely, England must be considering a tour of Pakistan. England last visited Pakistan in 2005. I would like to see both teams taking on each other in Pakistan.

In two years, Pakistan fans will see England on their home soil, said Atherton.

I can see England coming to Pakistan in 2022. Before that, England can send its A team or under-19s to Pakistan.

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