China ‘Exposes’ How the US Brought Coronavirus to the Country

For weeks after the Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, Chinese social media platforms remained flooded with accusations that the United States has conspired against China to bring down the economic giant.

Now, the conspiracy theories have been lent credence by the Chinese government as the country’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Zhao Lijian, has claimed that it was the US that transmitted Coronavirus to China originally.

The Chinese government firmly believes that 300 athletes of the US army who participated in the 7th Military World Games in Wuhan in October last year were already infected with the virus when they landed in China. Those US military athletes are thought to be behind the spread of the deadly affliction in China.

Zhao Lijian, who was previously serving as the Chinese ambassador to Pakistan, has posted a video on Twitter implying that the US army had brought the Coronavirus in China.

In the video above, Robert Redfield, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), can be seen saying that some patients originally thought to have died from flu actually died from Coronavirus in the US, a posthumous diagnosis has confirmed.

Zhao Lijian has raised some serious questions claiming that the CDC has been caught red-handed and the US must explain the matter to China.

When did patient zero begin in the US? How many people are infected? What are the names of the hospitals? It might be the US army that brought the epidemic to Wuhan. Be transparent! Make public your data! The US owes us an explanation!

In response to Lijian’s claims, several Twitter users accused the Chinese official of spreading blatant lies over social media.

However, Zhao Lijian quickly posted two separate tweets containing articles from Global Research Canada, an independent research and media organization, which claim that the Coronavirus did originate from the US.

Do you think the Chinese government is right? Let us know in the comments section.

  • I am with China on this if true i am sure China will respond in the time of their own choosing.

    • This is no secret, Bill Gates has been lobbying for population control and eugenics for over 20 years. He has a disease modeling firm, they create diseases , test the effects on various animals that have anatomy similarities to those of humans , and then they develop vaccines/medicines to counter the organ assaults ; to replenish the dyer need of the pharmaceutical industry and vicariously expose some fractions of the worlds population to chronic and acute illness , slow genocide that looks to be natural causes .I. Guarantee you the vaccine for the virus is more fatal in the long term , than the actual virus.

  • Could be possible…but what about that gene fusion story in a snake and bat. And what about the spread of the virus in Wuhan Bat Market.

    • i believe that will not be true that by eating bats, the virus arises. why? because ever since, they were doing/eating that, even the ancient time, but why it happens now?

      • Yeah they have been eating those kind of animals since ancient times…But now, When the Chinese Economy grows, It outbreaks in Wuhan.Why ?
        Its just a mastermind behind all this, US

        • Oh Lord thank you! I have been saying this all along! This has been a plot to turn the whole world against China and try to bring China down! I wish the truth to be set free asap! #IStandWithChina

        • According to reliable sources that Chinese was the founder of this virus, while they have already made it in 2009 , it was planted to crush us and planned to use it when the time comes,but unfortunately the Chinese has become the first victim of this virus due to mishandling.

      • Hi ggo,I think what has happened is a lot of different “exotic”animals,where not caged together in the”wet markets”so called because of the amount of blood,heartbreaking for those poor unfortunate animals.its when they were close together the virus happened,,apparently some farms have fruit trees near the piggery’s and at night the bats would eat the fruit and fly by the pigs and drop some fruit,hence “swine flu”,unfortunately we live in a world we’re some people can’t see further than their own noses and don’t care about anyone or any animals,I believe that animal cruelty should carry a very long prison sentence,same goes for those who hurt children..i Hope what I’ve written makes some sense.all the best and may you and yours stay safe and well.

      • Don’t pretend to be innocent, ages the wild animals already eaten by them and nothing happened. US just want to pull down China and it will never happen even in their wildest dreams.

      • If the virus started with the bats then what did the bats ate before? The bats could have ate a dead animals or dead body of a human that had infected already. Bats sucks blood!!

        • ??‍♀️ Most bats are insectivores or fruit eaters. Only a few species in N & S America consume blood and then rarely from humans.

  • Everyone knows this (COVID-19) was an American scheme to destabilize the region Especially Chinese economy.
    but some of our Desi Country Boys having a hard time digesting the TRUTH..

    America- Leader of the (so called) free world… THAT’S BULLSHIT

    • Yeah yeah that’s why the Chinese goverment were buying all the stocks and bonds when the markets fell drastically,Germany stopped the Chinese buying up German company shares,this is all about the greed of China!!

  • Yes, Chinese are absolutely right about this. This virus has been made by Zionist backed labs in US under the Covert US Military Black Ops and their soldiers brought it to China (unknowingly) to put China in a fuss but somehow it spread around the world especially Europe and USA.
    Just check how many cases are reported in Israel….none.
    I think this explains the whole story

  • Anything is possible. However until I have conclusive proof and corroborating evidence it’s anyone’s guess.
    I thought I watched this man who looked like the man being interviewed by Rachel @Maddow on Thursday night. I was incorrect about his Identity.

  • What I can say that the U. S. Military has a history of experimenting on active duty Enlisted (mostly men) personal as far back as the development of the Atomic Bomb during World War II. I have no first hand knowledge of this and I don’t remember if I was a subject of any experiments while was in the U. S Navy (1967 -1971)

  • With all due respect, China kept this under wraps for months and allowed the world to be infected until a lone brave doctor came in and told us of the virus. Even now all those who criticized the government are either missing or found dead. Remember, its not about who started it, but who neglected it first is at fault.

    • I disagree. Its all about who started it and less about who neglected it. Even now , all the african & pakistanis are making jokes about it. So by your logic it means that 80% of uneducated pakistanis are at fault because they did not believe in coronavirus.

    • Well, you must have some wrong information. China found some cases on Dec. 2019, 27th Dec. 2019 found 3 cases of unknown pneumonia, and 4cases were found on 29th, which from the sea food market. Then doctor Li wenliang warned the public by sending warning messages to his classmates wechat group, but at the time he didn’t know it was Covid19, but it looks similar to SARS, so that he thought it was SARS. Too bad the local government didn’t take it seriously and take aggressive action until 23rd Jan. 2020, Wuhan Locked-down, 26th -29th Jan. 2020, Mr. Tedors general director of WHO visited China and learn the situation there, actually the WHO had kept the whole world announced before their visited…so the other countries have plenty of time to get prepared if they take it seriously. But as I know many of them either set

    • Push the wrong button…many of the other countries either sat on the other side of the fence or laughed at China

    • This started in US, then Us hv kept it wrapped longer till it exploded in CN n hurting n killing thousands ? US the bigger Evil for sure.

  • George Soros is financially involved in biotech co., WuXi Pharmatech, located at 666 Gaoxin Road East Lake High-tech Development Zone WUHAN 430075, CHINA.
    Coincidence? I doubt it! He is playing both China and the United States.

  • I would not put anything past the US government, present or past, as long as they can make a profit, or slow a rival. As always follow the Benjamins.

  • Moronic and inflammatory Chinese communist propaganda for a government that has completely lost face. China killed the whistleblower who discovered the outbreak. Then they tried to cover it up. China is like a giant insect hive, with a committee as emperor. Human life is irrelevant to the Chinese mind. Pakistanis that think China is their friend, are in for a rude awakening. Just ask the Uyghurs how it’s working out for them.

  • Chinese Govt. was so busy in diagnosing this COVID-19 and now its time to ambush US. They are absolutely right, the bats and other shit are being eaten for there centuries. How come a single bat can infect 134 countries? O.o


  • …es ist relativ einfach zu beantworten : die USA sind ein imperialistischer Staat , ohne Moral und skrupellos , wenn es sich um die Durchsetzung ihrer vermeintlichen oeconomischen Primaer – Interressen handelt ! China ist die aelteste Kulturnation dieser Welt , und wer ueber genug Kenntnisse der kulturellen Historie Chinas verfuegt , wird wissen , was in desem Kontext gemeint ist …. !!

  • From the very beginning of world powers, it has always been about economic LOOTING/PLUNDERING/PILLAGING of wealthy countries by those VILE STINKING SATANIC DEMONS, who are always filled with satanic greed to control the wealth and power of the world, for their nefarious greedy aggrandizement.

  • This is propaganda the Chinese were crying about it being racist to say the Chinese virus so now they gone and flipped it around on the USA ridiculous the Chinese government had an outbreak for months without any of the rest of the world knowing this is bs

  • Does anybody have proof thats its a man made virus made in a lab(100%)? #2 if it was in the usa we would of been hit harder! Also if usa did make it then more or less we would/have a cure to it. Making something like that and releasing it without a cure is just stupid. I can believe a rogue group from any government would of done that or some big company (R.Evil game series Umbrella ) Terrorist group umm maybe but even they wouldnt want to kill off their own ppl like that and dont think they would have ppl all into the biowar (Scientist, R&D. Ect) and the lots of $$$$ that would go into it.

    • Y wouldn’t China want to kill their own people it’s over populated didn’t u hear about China killing baby girls?

    • It was manufactured in a Laboratory in Wuhan by Dr. Li Chen in the 1980’s, but i just find it fishy that every country in the world who has been affected by corona also have trade agreements with china, and not once have i actually heard from the families of the dead or theid names been released to the public

  • This time, dogs 10.000 . China 0
    No people in this world tormenting animals for food in most outrageous ways like those two legged beasts do can pretend to live healthy, if it wasn’t the corona virus it would have being any other disease sooner or later, I don’t think they got it from the US, their country is only a safe heaven for the wealthy, most workers are low paid and millions don’t have access to any decent medical services, so please stop trying to portray China as the jewel of the world because they barely make it to an overpopulated swamp where contamination and lack proper sanitary controls run rampant.

  • Humans have been consuming cats bats rats dogs monkeys alligators and consuming other humans for the longest time, since the dawn of civilization.

    COVID19 is man made.

  • The US created Aids, Ebola and now this. Why was the US Embassy in Wuhan city shut down three weeks before the outbreak?

  • I also believe that theres sething fishy about this virus, however I still don’t understand why people eat such animals? Cat? Dog? Bats? Iyoh.

  • Maybe it’s Karma, from torturing and murdering all those poor innocent animals over the years!! Mother Nature always has a way of fixing the world!!

    • Yes and the US already responded. I am just curious how come after thousands were infected in china, they were all healed and no further victim? Isnt it logical that they already have the cure and the vaccine?

      • Where did they clearly answered the Chinese questions? All I see is their dismissal as “fake news” without any analytical counter argument. Please share the source

  • How true that there is a Lab underneath Wuhan that leaked and this started spread of the virus?

  • US government is the one supplying all this dangerous viruses from HIV/AIDS to this CORONA they must be published

  • When it was immediately and repeatedly reported that the virus came from the Wuhan market that sold animals and bats I had a feeling that some people were trying to fix the blame too quickly.

  • China was overtaking the USA anyway, China has all the means to do so. During the trade war, China suffered one outbreak after another, colour revolution and wall instigation at its borders, etc. And of course covid 19. The probability of all these disease happening is harder than the asteroid hitting earth. How many times have we heard of food security issues in the USA? Food security and other stuff always happens outside of the USA?

  • Why would America do this. Large profits are made with the cheap labor provided by China for American companies. The right arm wouldn’t cut the left arm off.

    • We should bicker about where it came from!! Because if the US didn’t create this problem from the beginning? We would have nothing to bicker about!! You’re part of the problem like most of american’s, for always giving the evil bastard’s a pass!! And we know it!!

  • Personslly i think postmoten should be made on ppl died of influenza in US way before nov2019. That will reveal the origin. Again pointing fingers would not hel. Cure is needed

  • Yes , what china is saying seems to be a actual truth. As america didnt have anything else to stop china from being declared as the next super power of the world. They can not initiate a war with guns, missiles and etc, US image will be fallen down, china holds a big portion of US market.
    On the other hand, one more reason is that, going at the backend and trying to keep it hidden is that, as jews are preparing for their so called leader, dajjal, and for that they are trying to cut the worlds population to 7 billion to 1 billion. As china is the most populated country , they have tried their viruses there to confirm that how much it is effective. And what they didnt knew, were the consciquences.

    • every country that has a Trade agreement with China somehow ends up with the virus that was manufactured by a chinese dr by the name of Li. Chen

  • Oh! I luv US..always a step ahead..,smarter, stronger and above all wanting to remain the big boy.

  • It was a Chinese experiment gone wrong. They tried to weoponise a normal flu and it got out of hand.

  • Yes it’s true!! The evil white power’s that be, and Barack Obama..Are all guilty of some crime against humanity!! And they feel comfortable doing it, because they know how dumb most of american’s are when it comes to american lies!!

  • Just like they had many clueless people thinking that AIDS come from eating monkey’s. At one point, they said it came from having sex with monkey’s! Just like the first case of germ warfare against the Indians, smallpox!! Just like they infected the black men of Tuskegee with syphilis!! And it all came to light!! Need I say more??

  • This country is always talking population control!! From Henry Kissinger, Ted Turner, to Bill Gates!! If you really pay attention? Bill Gates is always somehow involved when it comes to some virus or disease that affects the world or US. He’s supposedly always helping promote the vaccine. But look at what he really believes in? Who better to push a deadly disease or virus in the form of a vaccine? Give me a break already!!!

  • Nothing but propaganda. Spreading half baked conspiracy information like this is totally irresponsible and blaming anyone other than the country of origin, CHINA, shows how desperate they are to pass responsibility to someone else instead of taking responsibility and doing the right thing to fix the problem. Thinking this way is immature and shows a lack of character and leadership. Typical of a country rife with so much corruption and a disconnect with the needs of humanity. More like a pack of hungry dogs

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