Huawei Pakistan Joins the Fight Against COVID-19

Pakistan’s Ministry of National Health Services Regulation and Coordination and ’Digital Pakistan’ received a video conference system aimed to help the country fight against COVID-19 from Huawei Technologies Pakistan (PVT) Ltd.

The technological structure of the system is a multi-scenario intelligent collaboration solution based on 4K video technologies. This system can be applied in several situations, such as epidemic prevention and control command, remote consultation, remote monitoring, medical teaching, and remote family visitation.

The offices of the World Health Organization Pakistan Office, the National Institute of Health (NIH) and Ministry of Health have already been connected by the system at this stage. Eventually, six additional locations including all the emergency control centers for covid-19 in each provinces will also be connected by the system.

During the meeting with Huawei Pakistan CEO Mark Meng and Deputy CEO, Ahmed Bilal Masud, the Minister of Health, Dr. Zafar Mirza expressed his gratitude to Huawei for the donation, he added: “This is a difficult time for the country, and we would like Huawei to partner with us, just as China and Pakistan are best partners.” He also expects Huawei to cooperate with the ministry on telemedicine in the future.

Huawei Pakistan CEO, Mark Meng, expressed Huawei’s willingness to support Pakistan in fighting against covid-19. He told Dr. Mirza that Huawei Pakistan has taken strict preventive measures to protect all of its staff. Right now, Huawei’s operations in Pakistan are continuing as usual, and the company will try its best to work with its clients in Pakistan to guarantee smooth network operation in this critical time.

  • Honorable CEO Mark Meng Huawei Pk Dy. CEO Mr. Ahmed Bilal Masood Dr. Zafar Mirza Health Minister very thoughtful of Huawei Pk., for the Video-Conf., system to communicate with the WHO, major public hospitals, research institutions, communicate with the Huawei Technologies to consider provide an FTTH/G-Pon network to connect the PTA/Universal Service Fund link-up all health care entities on the Fiber network laid by courtesy of the USF. Contribution to the last mile FTTH in Karachi would enable provide connectivity of FTTH to all Telcos., Data Network Service providers in Karachi communicate between all research instiutions in Pakistan. The USF has done a great work for FTTH the last mile in Karachi has to be done by Huawei to save the lives of Corona Virus epidemic. This contribution of Huawei would help research in China on line from the happenings in Karachi.

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