Jeremy McLellan’s Joke Fools Media Across Pakistan & India [Video]

American stand-up comedian, Jeremy McLellan is never far away from the Pakistanis and he often features in the news.

This time around, he gets featured by the likes of Bol News and Jang for a video which he posted a few days ago. In the video, the people who are in isolation in their homes in Italy were seen singing Pakistan’s national anthem. 

While it was obvious that it was all fake, it had to be featured in the news.

Here’s the video:

An Indian paper, the Times of India, was quick to bust the fake news. The fake news busters and analysts at the media house worked hard, day in day out, to get to the root of the news. They have finally reached the conclusion that the people in Naples, Italy were not singing Pakistan’s national anthem.

Mocking them further, McLellan asked his followers whether they would believe him or India.

Rubbing salt in their wounds, the honorary Pindi boy has posted another video in which the celebrities are singing Pakistan’s national anthem. He has also urged his followers to retweet before the Indian media comes up with the fact-check.


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  • Indians always have Pakistan and Pakistanis on their minds. In GCC Muslim countries welcome them only because Indians have their head down and obey no matter what happens with them. If they aren’t welcomed in these GCC countries a large number will starve in India but our Muslim brothers enjoying wealth are f00l enough and do not understand this.
    The corruption, loot and plunder they do in these GCC countries our brothers are too naive to understand.

  • Jeremy Mclellan always said kind words for Pakistan while India always failed in tried to let down Pakistan. Peace for everyone.

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