Microsoft is Giving Windows 10 a Shiny New Look

Windows 10 recently passed the 1 billion users mark and the company’s Chief Product Officer took the opportunity to tease upcoming changes to the OS. Company executive Panos Panay recently posted a teaser video on his Instagram that shows a handful of UI design changes coming to Windows 10 soon.

Microsoft is planning to ditch the tile design it’s had in the Start Menu for years. Instead, we will get simplified icons for the apps list with no borders and a uniform black or white color (depending on the theme) across the whole start menu.

They’re also planning to introduce a fluent design across the whole OS. The drop-down menus will become more modern and we will also be getting a new file explorer. The design consistency across the UI makes it appear similar to macOS in some ways.

The teaser video from Panos Panay comes a few days ahead of Microsoft’s upcoming online event where they plan to unveil a subscription system for Microsoft Office 365. The subscription bundle will include Microsoft Office, Microsoft Teams, a password manager, and some other consumer-focused services all in a single monthly subscription package.

We are also likely to hear more about the upcoming Windows 10 update on this event. Stay tuned for updates.

  • Whatever they do, windows can’t compete with other os. Windows has shitiest UI in the world. The main shitiest thing is that it’s not customizable and day by day it needs heavy hardware to run

  • Interesting interest on Windows10 Anniversary. Windows and other Microsoft OS etc., are the most pirated software. As the cost of the licensed version is too high. People are learning Open Source and switching which makes them independent.
    Suggest if Microsoft provides free Office Suite, Windows 10 upgrade, and other suites in times when no student is buying license. Just make copies.

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