Xiaomi Making a Cap That Stops Hairfall & Grows New Hair

Xiaomi, under its crowdfunding platform, has come up with the Cosbeauty LLLT laser hair growth cap that can help in triggering healthy hair growth in as little as 12 weeks.

As per a survey conducted by the Chinese health commission, one in six men within the 20 years to 40 years age range are facing hair loss issues.  This issue prevails in all regions of the world.

The cap uses lasers to trigger hair follicles into the growth phase. Moreover, unlike many hair growth devices on the market, the Cosbeauty LLLT Laser Cap comes with stringent CFDA certification as well as FDA certification. Hence, it fully meets the technical requirements for hair growth medical devices.

According to a clinical report by the Beijing Friendship Hospital, 80.9% of patients facing major hair loss have experienced significant hair growth after using this.


The cap comes with a high-value baseball cap design. It has two parts; one is a simple black baseball cap, and the other is the actual LLLT laser cap that clips into the basic black baseball cap. The whole structure weighs 210 g.

The cap is equipped with 81 beams of laser light inside such that full coverage of the scalp is achieved.


The Cosbeauty LLLT cap has works by:

  1. Blocking the androgens that destroy the hair follicles by binding with them.
  2. Triggering the hair follicles into the growth phase.

According to various reports, the main reason for hair loss in men is Dihydrotestosterone that binds with the hair follicle receptor rendering it useless. The laser beams prevent the binding of dihydrotestosterone. While hair follicles usually end up in degenerative and resting phases hindering hair growth. The LLLT laser penetrates the hair follicles to 3-5mm and triggers them to re-enter a healthy growth phase.

Pricing and availability

The cap is currently available for crowdfunding on Xiaomi Youpin at a crowdfunding price of $211. We don’t know whether it will make it to the international market anytime soon.

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