Israeli Health Minister Believes The Messiah Will Cure Coronavirus

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Coronavirus has affected all parts of the globe with over 22,000 reported deaths in almost three months. The virus originated in an animal market in Wuhan, China and it has been unstoppable ever since.

While the pharmaceuticals and medical companies are working on a vaccine to cure the deadly disease which is being called COVID-19, there has been a shocking claim by the Israeli health minister.

The Messiah will come and redeem us from all the troubles of the world.

United Torah Judaism party’s Yaakov Litzman has said that the cure for the mysterious coronavirus will come along with the Messiah, who he thinks will rid the Jewish community of their plight. In his press conference last week, he claimed that the world is nearing its end and the time is right for Messiah to descend upon the Earth.


Twitter Responds to Netflix Show on False Messiah ‘Dajjal’

We are praying and hoping that the Messiah will arrive before Passover, the time of our redemption. I am sure that the Messiah will come and bring us out as [God] brought us out of Egypt.

Israel is currently under complete lockdown until at least 18th April. Close to 2,500 cases have emerged in Israel with 5 deaths until now.

Earlier, an Israeli scientist had claimed that the vaccine for the mysterious disease will be completed within 3 months.

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  • There is no doubt this is the year of dajjal(false Messiah) coming all the events are pointing towards that direction dajjal have grown his influence over the years final stage is being set for his arrival.

  • yes massiah will cure corona virus but not dajjal The one n Only ALLAH which is more greater than dajjal

  • Yes dajjal is coming and cure the coronavirus. Maybe it will Chinese doctor ?? and israeli will realized he is Messiah… Non sense rabbi.
    We should believe on our Nabi Pak SAW PBUH. They indicated us early first imam mahdi will come and fight and rest turkey will be occupied by kaafir and when imam mahdi win the turkey on same time dajjal will be appeared.

  • *The Messiah* has made public appearance. He had earlier given out the *warning* of a world pandemic which he called *”Disease of the sun”* . He said that the cure is not of this world. He has been healing all kinds of illness and and the most recent *COVID-19* also.

    Malachi 4:1
    [1]For, behold, *the day* cometh, that shall burn as an oven; and all the *proud* , yea, and all that do *wickedly* , shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the LORD of hosts, that *it shall leave them neither root nor branch* .

    Malachi 4:2
    [2]But unto you that *fear my name* shall the Sun of righteousness arise with *healing* in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.

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