Punjab Police Presents Guard of Honor to Doctors & Nurses [Video]

Amidst the pandemic that has hit over 190 countries, medical professionals have finally got the respect they deserve. You might have seen the videos of Police officers standing in line to pay tribute to their paramedics in China and other countries as well.

Following AIG Sindh’s orders to salute doctors, the Police force in Punjab has also followed suit. Earlier today in Lahore, Punjab Police gave a guard of honor to the nurses, doctors and paramedical staff at Mayo Hospital.


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Here’s the heartwarming video:

These are the true heroes of our society who are putting their lives at risk to save the lives of others. Despite limited facilities and protective gear, the doctors, nurses, and other paramedics are working day in day out to help stop the spread of the deadly virus that has killed close to 25,000 people worldwide.


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If our society stays this way after the health emergency is over, only then we can progress like the first-world countries. We can become a community where every person gets the respect he or she deserves, however, to reach that point, we all need to play our role in containing the virus by following the advice of the doctors and health professionals.

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