Murree Brewery Wants to Manufacture Hand Sanitizers Instead of Alcohol

Pakistan’s most prominent manufacturer of alcoholic products, Murree Brewery has asked for permission from the Government of Punjab to manufacture alcohol-based hand sanitizers in order to meet the demand of the consumers who are eager to protect themselves against coronavirus pandemic.

In his letter, the Chief Executive of Murree Brewery Company Isphanyar M Bhandara requested the Punjab Director General of Excise and Taxation to give permission to his company to manufacture/sell alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Murree Brewery Company Limited possesses L-1 and L-3 Licences which are for manufacturing/sale of intoxicating liquor and ethanol is the basic raw material for it. We request the department to grant them a special permission for manufacturing and selling ethanol based hand sanitizers (having 70%v/v ethanol) on urgent basis without fulfilling any long formalities so that being a socially responsible corporate company, we could participate in fighting against the deadly pandemic. Considering the current pandemic situation of COVID-19 in the country and shortage/unavailability of hand sanitizers throughout Pakistan, we believe that as a responsible company, we must play our role in making hand sanitizers on war footing to help the nation in this hard time.



The company in a separate letter has asked the government of Punjab to let them work during the lockdown as Food Items Manufacturing and Distributions Offices are exempted from the lockdown order.

  • That’s Great: Govt should allow to Making COVID-19 Precautions Product Locally.

  • Govt IMHO is going real slow to tackle this global outbreak, instead Govt shud Nationalize all the industries .. make sznitizers themselves, retool factories and industry to cope with the present and coming dangers..

    • Stop talking outta your a55. Do you even know the requirements and effects of what you are proposing?

      • I dont talk outta a55 like you, think of the effects of non implementation of my proposal, ull get the answer…

  • Lol… why not- your serving the Nation with your outclass products which takes them away from all sorrow and fear of death. :D
    Without your drink- there’s no Party, No Gathering, No Elite Enjoys.
    Thanks for thinking to initiate this, not too late.

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