Pakistani Startup Develops Smart Portable Ventilator

The Government of Pakistan, in a bid to deal with the shortage of ventilators in the country, has brought together all the relevant public and private companies along with technology product companies and asked to showcase designs and models for ventilators.

Multiple companies have sent their designs and ventilators, which will be sent for approval from a committee formed by the government; which will test this within the criteria and after this the prep work will start.

A Pakistani startup on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Poulta, has developed a ventilator that has been sent to the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). The founder and CEO of Poulta, Ali Murtaza Solangi while talking to the media said that while they aren’t a ventilator company and work in improving the poultry farming industry they have created a smart and portable ventilator that could be monitored centrally.

He said that in traditional ventilators, they had to train people to operate them which were drain on precious resources but this way, the smart ventilator can be operated remotely and centrally through the internet.

He said that ventilators from abroad can cost $10,000-$12,000 but the one they developed cones with the same quality but costs $2200. He said that they had sent the design and model of the ventilator to PEC and NDMA, if approved they could make 500 to 1000 ventilators in just five weeks.

  • I noticed on http://www.profit.PakistanToday President Trump statement to order General Motors in the US to start making Ventilators to relieve the US patients. Look at the worlds largest company GM will now make thousands of ventilators for the international markets as Pakistan and the Middle East and beyond.

  • this is a great news and a big relief for Pakistani, why dont we encourage our own people and technology? why do we always need to be dependent on others? we have strength, knowledge and skill and all these should be used in this critical time and always

  • at least get the actual pics of the device rather than stealing international pic of some other country. The quality of porkis in this site is alarming. Hardly any quality reporting and well versed content,

  • seems like another superman pakistani in lollywood still gets going even after 500 bullet wounds. it took a global crisis for this nation to highhandedly solve the ventilators problem but not the sewerage calamity plaguing this islamic country for generations.

  • these portable ventilators are already in use from 1990s in pakistan..lolz

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