Govt Will Now Enforce Lockdown & Social Distancing Based on Chinese Model

The federal government has decided to follow the lockdown model of China following a sharp rise in the number of locally transmitted cases of the Coronavirus despite a 14-day partial lockdown.

During the meeting of the National Coordination Committee (NCC) held at Islamabad, the government decided to extend the current lockdown until April 14 and strictly enforce social distancing measures at the union council level.


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In line with the Chinese model, the government will lockdown every area that reports a Coronavirus case from now on. It will conduct the test of the entire population of the area for COVID-19 as well.

The government had enforced a partial lockdown 2 weeks earlier in an attempt to reduce the spread of Coronavirus at initial stages. However, news and visuals showing violations of social distancing measures by the citizens have widely been shared on social media platforms, forcing the government to follow the Chinese method.

Coronavirus cases in Pakistan have gone past the 2,200 mark and the disease has claimed 31 lives. However, more than 100 people have made a complete recovery.


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With the global tally of Coronavirus cases nearing 1 million and deaths edging closer to the 50,000 mark, China has effectively contained the spread of the disease by adhering to some aggressive lockdown and social distancing measures.

China has reported 82,000 cases and 3,300 deaths due to Coronavirus. Nearly 77,000 people have completely recovered from the disease as the economic giant has successfully flattened the curve.

China had reported a record 14,100 new infections in a single day on February 12. The country reported no case of the disease on 1st April as normal life is starting to slowly resume in Wuhan, the ground zero of COVID-19.

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