HEC Stops Substandard Online University Classes Due to Complaints

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has halted several universities’ online classes after receiving complaints about the poor quality and mismanagement from the students.

On Wednesday, HEC said it moved on multiple complaints from the students regarding the low-quality content, delivery, and connectivity on various subjects.

The commission will now directly intervene, as announced by the chairman Dr. Tariq Banuri.


HEC Orders All Universities to Begin Online Classes

He has sought detailed information on these courses to determine if the subjects/courses meet preset standards. If any university is found lacking the capacity of delivering online lectures, it will be directed to stop offering such courses/lectures.

Dr. Tariq said that HEC is closely monitoring the developments amid the COVID-19 pandemic and is collaborating with universities’ leadership to provide support where needed to minimize the academic disruption.

Contingency plans are in place. If the current lockdown situation prevails beyond May 31, all universities will be directed to resort to online education.


HEC to Inspect the Quality of Online University Classes

The May 31 deadline is for universities that need time to establish an online learning management system. The institutions with digitally advanced systems are already allowed to conduct online classes, he added.

It should be noted that HEC has been cooperating with universities to minimize the impact of the coronavirus lockdown on academic activities. It has established three specialized IT committees to help varsities arrange software and tech support to curate substantive online content.

Moreover, all public sector universities have been given free access to Microsoft Teams to facilitate online meetings and discussions. Microsoft officials will help them understand and operate this platform.

  • Jhoot #University of Lahore ki to abhi bhi ho rahi Hai online classes Un ki to abhi tak suspend nahi hui udhar to abhi bhi ye khel Jari Hai bacho ke mustaqbil tabah karne ka khel aur paise kamane ka

  • plaease stop the online classes in HCBA&E Rahim Yar Khan Compus it is very difficult to understand individually by the student in bs semester system

  • I’d request that HEC should define a certain standard or guideline for universities to follow. I don’t think universities are deliberately doing it (I may be wrong). Universities or any educational institutions and their faculty are trying their best to deliver online classes. This situation has challenged everyone in terms of business operations. I feel it would be better if HEC establishes a guideline with minimum requirements for universities to follow.

  • I suggest the Govt to off the online classes because it is a wastage of time+money and we didn’t understand anything in online class.The university should cancel the summer semester and isstead of that they complete the fall-20 semester.Fees poori hi day kr jain gay 4 saal ki tention na lo

  • Please stop online classes, in our uni there’s no proper management for online classes , no live vedio lecture system they just provide us notes, and samples, please please stop this system, give us another semester or semester break ,

  • It’s a humble request to plz stop online classes system…
    We pay for learning not to just take a delivered lectures by a teachers online which hv no effective result on our skills… even though over parents are not satisfy with it ! Why you are just imposing it to a students.. we were not mentally prepare for online system.. we dont even have fast technology system.. students having fast internet service will take benefit by getting good grades but what about those students whom hv internet issue?? Did they not pay a fee?

  • It’s a very humble request to HEC to stop online classes, there is no learning at all not only for this we are paying the valid point is that we do not learn at all, we face difficulties throughout the session and if we ask something from the teachers some of them get offend and show their pride then why are you teaching us? There are several degrees in which the need of practical work so students learn from practically rather bookish material. At the point no one can understand on the behalf of students problems they just doing their duties for the sake of money or whatever.but I requested to you please stop online classes not only there are millions of students who are facing trouble and get nothing from the online classes. as our degree command is full fledged practical work and we have to learn from the practical work so we can’t do something as the culture barrier.so please understand us not for the sake of we are paying at least we want learning! Even some departments of universities not provided their material and if we ask from them they deny to give us the. What is the behavior or faculty too. Please do some favor for our learning.we are paying so we want full fledged classes and practical work to learn.

  • Bakwas he karty rehna
    Fake news chala ke
    Where is the source ?
    Hec media statements?

  • We are not paying our fees for the online education. The students who are unable to understand the lecture and some students not have internet facility that are live in villages and that areas where network problems are always here… Please stop this online education system

  • Online classes in universities are just like (aadah teetar aadah batair). kindly update ur infrastructure.

  • This online education is not acceptable for us at all. There should be a proper strategy for the development of a totally different program of education.this is gonna affect our grades badly and we can’t afford this. STOP PLAYING WITH OUR FUTURE!

  • Pagal k bacho online nahi parho ge to degree late khatam hogi. HEC mein tum logon jese jahil nahi bethe unko pta hai k coronavirus june 20 ya October 20 tak khatam nabi honay wala. Ye saal tum pura ghar betho ge. 2 semester late degree kar lena phir.

  • Meri request bhi baqio ki trha yahi hy k online classes cancel krwz di Jaye q k kuch students aese hain Jin k pass laptops nhi hain or wo online classes attend nhi kr skty or kuch k tu subjects boht hi complicated hain jo without practical work understand nhi hoty so plz ap log university of lahore sargodha campus ki bhi online classes cancel kr dein plzzzz

  • Meri request yeh hy k University of lahore sargodha campus ki bhi online classes cancel krwa di Jaye becs humare subject boht complicated hain jo without practical work understand nhi hoty so plz ap log online classes cancel krwz dein plz

  • Stop online classes it is a gr8 loss for us n online education affects on our grades etcc so plz stop.
    Say no to online classes

  • If universities can adopt a good methodology of delivering online education then it’s ok but they are delivering lectures on Skype which is not a good way of delivery .if they cannot then they should stop.

  • Many tribal area students are facing problem due to no access of internet and this isuue is created for those students who are not attached with internet they will not able to take online classes so we want semester break plz take action on this critical issue…..

  • We dont want any online classes, we have paid alot of heavy fees. So kindly stop this poor system of online classes expecially iqra university karachi.

  • Please stop this online classes systems . There is no realiabale source for delivering online classes in mostly universitys . Students don’t pay for such type of classes they pay for thier btight future .Mostly atudents have net issue either all students can’t afford net facility moreover if 50k to 1lac fee of one semster is for online classes from which students don’t get thier goal can’t understand the lectures properly . Beside this private university which are under HEC forced student to take online classes consectively for five five hours what rubbish is this system .. please don’t play with innocent needy students future. It is a request to HEC please break the smster

  • Plz stop this online class system.
    There are msny student who vome from rural areas and the internet facility is very low in that areas. Some students can’t afford the internet packages , personal laprops or mobile phones. Which in result can affect the grades . So please stop to playing with our future.

  • Stop the online fucking system…..
    Its totally flop in pak. No one can unerstand also teachers tourching to studets.. Like they are boss no compromize

  • National college of business administration & economic institute multan ( NCBA&E ) still conducting online classes that’s not worthy and can ruin our semester

  • Hec ko sirf apni pasl k pare hai ye log apne paso ka liye logo ka future kharab kar rahe hai


  • Its good that Govt. is doing this but If universities can adopt a good methodology of delivering online education then we can take it but there is no proper system courses are not manged by the University.All unis are not able to do so..And Foremost We are paying so much like this type of education seriously???
    And the students which are belonging to border areas what about them???
    Is our country is soo much advanced that it can provide to all students such bandwidth??
    if all the things are going to be break and freez then we can take a break here also plzzzzzzz.

  • Say no to online classes
    Due to poor delivering of lectures we pay fee for lectures we are not getting free education in universities our transcripts are necessary for good grades

  • السلام و علیکم ہم جامعہ زرعیہ کے سٹوڈنٹس ہیں۔ اور بزریعہ ای میل اور citizen portal مطلقہ ادارے تک یہ پیغام ارسال کرنا چاہتے ہیں کہ پوری دنیا میں سب سے معزز پیشہ درس و تدریس ہے جس کے ساتھ موجودہ معاملات میں انصاف نہیں ہو رہا۔
    اس صورتحال میں وہی کامیاب ہے جو مالی طور پر مضبوط ہے
    اس بات کا ثبوت یہ ہے کہ اس جامعہ میں پڑھنے والے زیادہ تر کا طالب علم متوسط گھرانوں کے تعلق ہے وہ روز روز مہنگے انٹرنیٹ پیکجز نہیں کر سکتے اور کچھ علاقوں میں صورتحال بہت گھمبیر ہے کہ ایزی لوڈ بھی نہیں ہو رہے۔ کچھ علاقوں میں انٹرنیٹ کی سہولت ہی نہیں ہے۔
    اور مسئلہ ان سفید پوش لوگوں کا ہے جو سمارٹ فون تک نہیں لے سکتے انہوں نے بھاری فیس بھی انسٹالمنٹ سے دی ہے۔
    ہماری یونیورسٹی کا آن لائن سسٹم اتنا فعال بھی نہیں ہے کہ اس سے مسائل حل ہوں۔ ہم HEC کو پیغام پہنچانا چاہتے کہ درس و تدریس کے ساتھ کھلواڑ نہ ہونے دیا جائے اور سمسٹر بریک دے دی جائے تا کہ مکمل نظریاتی اور عملی تعلیم حاصل کی جائے

  • Plzzzz stop online classes in University of Agriculture Faislabad there is no proper system of online learning but are doing

  • Kindly humble request we are paying high fees and university did not providing the best way of education.Stop online classes.

  • Intahe fzool ches online clases what the hel is this .. hum ny heavy fees pay ki hoi hostel ki or uni ki ab gar byth k bat pkg krty phirti hy bahr lockdown hy shope band hy HEC hmy net pkg krwa dy ta k hum in k intahe fzool online system ko enjoy krsky agr nhi to semester break kry .. pasy liy hovy hy universities ny prhany online prhany k nhi stope online clases ..

  • Not agreed for online classes , we paid heavy amount for learning. Please give us semester break and after this pandemic classes start as yet before. There are many problems of Internet in villages, so kindly mercy on us

  • What the hell, online classes are totally wastage of time, now mid term will conduct in any sort of assignment, is this a joke….in assignment teachers can easily support favortism…plz stop online system and mid term in assignment form in uaf, we want semester break.

  • Please stop this useless education system… Riphah university is providing us audio recordings.. This is ridiculous..it’s not feasible for us to study like this.. In voice recordings.. It’s better to study from YouTube…we didn’t pay heavy amount of fees for this low standard education..

  • A.o.a. m university of agriculture ki student hu. Online study aik fazool system h.hm ny itni heavy fees pay ki h wo b bhht mushkl sy ab hmary parents mazeed paisy naii barbad kr skty net pakj py edr signal b sai nai aty hmara semestr break kry nai to hmari fee wapis kry bss .

  • Ucpian
    Date : 5/4/2020


    Dear Administration,

    University of Central Punjab (UCP) launches a scheme of Online Classes. But the students disagree from UCP. Reason is Students face lack of Internet or Signals issues , Some Students have no sources to attend online classes like (Laptop or Mobile) ,Understanding of Lectures is impossible ,Teachers and Student interaction , Our GPA or CGPA or Scholarship will suffer from lack of good Knowledge So Ucpians request BanOnlineClasses , UCP-just-want-fees , we-reject-online-Classes . They are also forcing us to pay full fee… We are not able to pay 1 lac for online classes. Take notice on that as well.. All the students of UCP (GRW) Bycott from online classes. HEC can take Action on UCP (GRW).
    Thanks a lot for your precious time.


  • Some departments in international islamic university still taking online classes and mids..many students are suffering due to internet issues

  • stop spreading fake news,classes are being held in all universities as per schedule

  • online system is not the appropraite system because the connection of internet is so poor and we are not agree with online classes system.

  • AssalamoAlaikum HEC.stop onlin clas in NFC multan.
    Sir govt na 20 percnt relaxation di fees pa.lakin nfc multan full fess la rhi ha.halaqy hm ni koi clas ni li sir
    Kindly sir .hm ap sa achi umeed rakhty ha.clases ko rukwaya jay or fes pa relaxation dilwai jay

  • Online lab kha hoti haa ya to btae zara
    Stop online classes
    Ab lockdown or barh gaya ha or uni wale bok rhe ha k fees jama karao jb hame koi facilities hr nahi mill rhe to hm poori fees q pay kary
    Zayda tar students k sath financial issue ha wo kha sa paid kare ga fees

  • Compliments Mr. Raza Rizvi to intervene in the On Line never before Govt., Regulator, the Ministerial Authoriies for Policy Guidelines, the ISP’s, the Telcos, the PTCL, the Technologies, methodologies, the UN institutions, and beyond all the honorable Students who are naive, dependents, parents all are waiting the Good Morning from the telecom., which is led by the Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd., the largest enterprise in Pakistan with a very strong PR, Call Centers, Complaint Cell of Black Cable on every inch of Pakistan to deliver you ISP (Internet Service Provider) which is licensed, authorised as the exclusive candidate for Broad Band on Black Cable which was invented hundred back and doesn’t exist on earth. The UN/ITU the UN/SDG says the standards are PON/FTTH for a universal standard in the world. Unless the PTCL takes a reasonable course under the regulatory authority, the PTA/USF, the MOITT, Government of Pakistan this will not work.

  • plz stop this online system of University of Lahore Gujrat Campus
    system halts
    internet problems
    poor management
    poor everything
    For God sake stop it

  • There is a default system of education on online classes fake…. Not understand by students it’s should be banned sir please in rural areas not a wifi available no net or signal students are facing many many problems by their parents due to crops animals…… Plz sir stop that

  • mujhy ya bta da online system sa koi faida nh horha ha mahnt krka abhi tk cgpa maintain kia hua ha aik semester na sara kuch tabah krdaina ha

  • These old PhD goofs don’t care about Students Cgpa, their main concern is the business universities are doing, and they are only doing it for money

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