Xiaomi Launches the Mijia Smart Washing Machine & Dryer

Xiaomi’s latest addition to its lineup of crowdfunded smart products is the Mijia Internet Washing Machine & Dryer 1C which is a refresh from last year’s Washing Machine and Dryer Pro. It now features a more compact design and also consumes less power compared to its predecessor.


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 MIJIA Internet Washing Machine and Dryer 1C

The new Mijia Internet Washing Machine has a capacity of 10kg and uses an industry-leading BLDC variable frequency motor to control the washing rhythm with higher precision. The new motor is quieter, with improved stability, energy-efficiency, and is also able to dehydrate faster than before. A single cycle in the machine now uses 0.873 kWh instead of 0.960 kWh like before.

This model’s control panel is thin and lightweight but is durable thanks to ABS injection molding and has better integration with the body of the machine. It also has XiaoAI voice control support, which was missing on the previous model.

It now has up to 22 different washing and drying modes, all of which are customizable. Users can also reserve laundry and drying clothes in advance through the Mijia app and save favorite washing methods.

Additionally, the water-condensing hot-air drying technology not only dries up a large bulk of clothes faster than before, but also softens the dried clothes without the need for ironing.

The Mijia Internet Washing Machine and Dryer 1C will go for sale in China on April 9 for $295.