Shaukat Khanum Hospital Now Offers Free Coronavirus Tests

The Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (SKMCH&RC), Lahore is leading from the front in the fight against coronavirus.

The charity hospital that offers free cancer treatment to 70 percent deserving patients is now offering free-of-cost diagnosis tests for the disease. Note that other high-end private hospitals are charging as much as Rs. 8000 for Covid-19 diagnosis.


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Cost to SKMCH&RC of performing a COVID-19 test, including the purchase of test kits, is Rs 8,000 per test. However, for those being tested at SKMCH&RC, Lahore, all hospital charges and fees, including costs of testing for Covid-19 infection, have been waived as part of our commitment to the greater good in this hour of national need.


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The statement mentioned that the free test service is only available at Shaukat Khanam Hospital’s Lahore facility, where they have established a fully equipped camp. ‘Camp-Covid’ is a trialing and initial assessment center for coronavirus patients, it added.

  • They should be careful its a cancer hospital so patients immune system there already compromised make sure these corona patients dont infect them it will be death warrant for cancer patients.

  • Don’t.mind any one but I heard which test kits donated by China in 1st phase govt gave skmh in free . Is it true?

    • yes all testing kits are given by China for free, but SKMH has been making money from them until now by earning 8000 from a single test. They have made millions already from free kits

  • So the kits were donated by China and were taken by PTI and distributed to Shaukat Khanum?. Now they are claiming free tests. This is the worst form of Thuggery and deceiving of the public. Shame on Imran Khan and all others to use Projects like Shaukat Khanum for Personal glory and Political Marketing.

    • No. NDMA sent those kits, masks and other items to government hospitals including MH/CMH for armed forces across Pakistan. This is the reason so many senior bureaucrats and armed forces personnel were seen needlessly wearing N95 masks when they were short in the market which should actually have been given to doctors treating COVID patients.

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