Xiaomi Unveils a Sun Protection Jacket New Sneakers & More Smart Products

Xiaomi’s list of crowdfunded smart products keeps expanding by the day, but their most recent releases include common use gadgets and wearables that offer good value for money.

Mijia Electric Shaver S300

The Mijia Electric Shaver S300 follows the lineup of Xiaomi’s S series of three-tip shavers with minimalistic designs. Just like the rest, this one also has a 360-degree floating veneer system and has a dual-layer blade. The auxiliary blade lifts the beard and then the main blade swiftly cuts it off which helps avoid bumps on the skins and ensures a precise trim.

This one doesn’t have a removable head like the other models but does have an IPX7 water resistance rating which makes it fit for use in wet conditions. There is no mention of battery capacity, but thanks to the USB C port, the battery can be charged a lot faster than before.

There is an LED indicator that shows when the device is charging or is in use and turns red to indicate when the battery is low.

Additionally, there is a lock mode for travel purposes that will prevent the device from turning on if something accidentally presses against the power button while being carried in a bag.

The Mijia Electric Shaver S300 is set to go on sale on April 9 for only $13.

Sun Protection Jacket

For the fast-approaching scorching days of summer, Xiaomi’s Youpin crowdfunding platform has launched a cool and breathable sun protection jacket.

Supield full-band high-index cool breathable sun protection clothing

The jacket is made out of patented sunscreen fabric that has an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating of ≥ 600+. The fabric is highly efficient at preventing sun rays from harming the skin and reports claim that this jacket 15 times better than other sun protection clothing in the market.

Supield full-band high-index cool breathable sun protection clothing

It uses special yarns with a thermal conductivity that can quickly dissipate heat from the human body. It also has a contact cooling functionality and breathability with a cooling coefficient of 0.24.

Thanks to being slim and lightweight, it can easily be used as a thin jacket which doesn’t feel heavy at all. Additionally, the jacket can prevent mosquito bites as well.

The cool and breathable sun protection jacket has a retail price of $35 but will cost $25 during crowdfunding.

Mi Backpack

Xiaomi’s 10L Mi Backpack from 2018 has just received a refresh for 2020 that brings new color variants including Starry and Camouflage.

The features of the Mi Backpack are pretty much the same – it weighs only 150g and is made out of polyester with 4 levels of water splash resistance. The bag only has one main compartment, an accessory pocket, two bottle holders on the sides, and tough shoulder straps to withstand long term wear and tear.

Xiaomi Mi Backpack Starry Camouflage

The new Mi Backpack will be available for sale on April 9 for $4.

Mijia Sneakers 4

The fourth iteration of the Mijia Sneakers keep the same lightweight design from before but feature better shock absorption. This helps avoid shaking and wobbling during intense activities that prevent injuries and damage to the shoe itself.

mijia sports shoes 4

The sneakers are made out of E-TPU material and four different types of sole components molded together to ensure longevity. There are Microban antibacterial compounds as well to reduce odor. The sneakers are also machine washable so dust accumulation shouldn’t be a problem either.

The Mijia Sneakers will be available in Black, Blue, and Grey color options for $28 once they go for sale on April 9.

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    2nd not all products by MI or Xiaomi are of high quality or having features you should go for. For example you shouldn’t go for shaver with round heads like this one and if it isn’t replaceable then it is a big no.

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