Here’s How You Can Make a Face Mask in 45 Seconds [Video]

The severe shortage of medical-grade face masks has led everyone to improvise and use DIY techniques to make their own face shields using cloth, kitchen towel and other materials.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released a video explaining how you can make your own face mask from readily available supplies such as a bandana, a t-shirt or any other cloth.


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In the 45-second video, the US Surgeon General, Dr. Jerome Adams, explains how you can make a face mask and play your part in containing the deadly virus.

As per the CDC, here’s how you can make a face mask from an old t-shirt:

  • Cut either the front or the back of the shirt, remove the remaining parts such as sleeves
  • Spread the cloth on a table
  • Fold it to the middle from the bottom and do the same from the top
  • Do step 3 again
  • Tie 2 rubberbands; one on each side
  • Fold either side to the middle
  • Stretch the rubber and wear it as a face mask

Making a face mask by yourself is as easy as that. The video’s message is to encourage people to wear face masks to slow the spread of the virus.


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The CDC recommends wearing a face mask, no matter the material, especially in crowded places because the virus can spread through talking. Another reason for using it as a precaution is that 1 in 4 infected people show no symptoms of the virus, therefore, it is imperative that you do your part to slow down the spread.

Another important factor is to save the N95 surgical respirators for the medical staff amid a global shortage.

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