Huawei Donates a Million Masks, 30,000 Goggles and 50,000 Pairs of Gloves to Canada

Huawei has been continuously aiding nations that have suffered the most due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Several countries have recieved help from the telecom giant and the latest is Canada.

The Chinese company is donating a large amount of personal protecting equipment (PPE) to Canada which will include more than a million masks, 30,000 goggles, and 50,000 pairs of gloves. The country has been facing a shortage of PPE mainly because a large supply of it comes from mainland China, a region that suffered production halts due to the pandemic.

However, Huawei’s supply of protective equipment will not stop there. It is planning to donate a total of 6 million masks to Canada out of which 200,000 units will be high-quality N95 units. More than a million masks have been sent to Canada already and the rest are expected to follow soon.

Back in February, Canada donated over 16 tonnes of PPE to China at a time when the outbreak was at its peak. Now that the country is slowly recovering, it is returning the favor by donating protective equipment and funds. Other Chinese companies including Xiaomi, Alibaba, Tencent, and a dozen others have also joined hands to aid ailing nations across the globe.