Shoaib Malik Takes a Dig at Ramiz Raja Over Demeaning Comments

With nothing else to do these days, the cricketers are busy stirring controversies and gossip on social media. In response to Ramiz Raja’s advice, Shoaib Malik has taunted back by saying shouldn’t we all retire in 2022.

Since all 3 of us are at the end of our careers, let’s retire gracefully together – I’ll call and let’s plan this for 2022?

The former captain tweeted this in response to Ramiz Raja’s comments regarding Malik and Mohammad Hafeez. Although this was in a light mood, Malik did take a dig at Ramiz, saying he should also retire.

Earlier, the cricketer-turned-commentator said that it was the right time for the two senior cricketers to bid farewell to the game by retiring gracefully as they would be a burden on the team in the upcoming T20 World Cup.


Ramiz Raja Makes Personal Comments on Malik & Hafeez’s Careers

Although Hafeez hasn’t commented on the matter ever since making his intentions clear that he plans to retire after the T20 World Cup later this year, he has retweeted Malik’s tweet, endorsing his remarks.

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