Azhar Ali Thinks Everyone is Wrong in Calling Him a Defensive Captain

Pakistan Test captain, Azhar Ali, is not happy with the critics who label his captaincy as defensive. Talking to the media in a teleconference, the 35-year-old said that he was also annoyed when people used to call Misbah-ul-Haq a defensive captain.

He admitted that he takes time to settle when he’s batting, however, that doesn’t have anything to do with his leadership skills.

It is hard to change perception. We often come to a conclusion early on and then stick to it. I bat with composure and I take time that does not mean I am a defensive captain. During Misbah’s captaincy, as well, I also used to get annoyed over such a narrative.


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Captaincy is driven by how your team performs and the conditions, he added.

If you see greatest captains and see teams…90s Australia and early 2000s they had bowlers who used to set fields themselves. They were so good. It is easier to do attacking captaincy with such a team. In Dubai, when a fast bowler is bowling you can’t keep four slips. In Pakistan, where conditions are also flat, you have to have balance.

Talking about the team culture, he said that he’s trying to develop a relaxed atmosphere to ensure consistent performances from players without any pressure. He also urged every player to play freely by getting rid of the fear factor while thinking about the team.

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