Don’t Need A Tutorial from You of All People: Ramiz Raja Lashes Out at Shoaib Malik

After the verbal spat between Mohammad Hafeez and Mickey Arthur, the war of words between Shoaib Malik and Ramiz Raja is getting more intense.

The cricketer-turned-commentator has now hit back at Malik after his tweet, saying he won’t be retiring anytime soon when it comes to speaking his mind on Pakistan cricket and seeing it back on top.


Shoaib Malik Takes a Dig at Ramiz Raja Over Demeaning Comments

The former captain replied to Malik in a series of two tweets:

Taking a dig at Malik’s age and career, the 57-year-old said that it would be tough for him to start commentating at such an age when he’s of the same age as him in 2022 and that he doesn’t need a tutorial from Malik on retirement.

The whole episode of trolling each other is getting to the next level. Although Hafeez hasn’t joined the banter yet, however, he would be looking for appropriate answers to hit back.

Earlier, Ramiz Raja had advised the senior duo to retire from cricket gracefully and that it would help Pakistan cricket if they retire now.

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  • 100 percent agree with you Rameez. Pata nahi malik aur Hafeez jaisay Average players sai kub Pakistan Team ka peecha chottay ga :(

    • Jab tak immi zani playboy zinda hai peecha nai chutney wala, bcoz immi will never bring merit in cricket. Shame shame on pti animals.

  • Yeah… Agreed with rameez bhai we need specialist and consistent players like babar azam…

  • I am not a very big fan of Malik or Hafeez but at the same time I do have a problem with Rameez’s hindsight wisdom and at times over clever remarks. All three have contributed in their times with certain ups n downs, now why to have these debates in public? No one of you is/was a Super Star.

  • Ramiz is itself a big problem. Cant shut his mouth.
    Its not a commentary box its an entire world. Think before talk.

  • Ramiz Raja knows the every possible solution of a problem.It arises the question what he had done for the Pakistan team when he was amid the team.Malik and Hafeez are doing better than him definitely.Ramiz could have opened a cricket coaching centre for all of us

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