Is This Really Karachi? Stunning Pictures Emerge as Air Pollution Drops [Images]

After decades of unrelenting pressure, the human footprint on the planet has diminished for the time being as a result of worldwide lockdown enforced by governments due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

With hardly any traffic on the roads and industrial centers shut down, carbon emissions have fallen drastically, giving a glimpse of what the world could look like in the absence of fossil fuels.


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In the early days of the lockdown, the environmental changes were first visible from outer space only. Now, these changes can be seen in the sky above our heads and felt through the air in our lungs.

As for the environment of Pakistan’s economic hub, Karachi, the lockdown has done wonders as well. The air quality of the city has improved to a great extent as the pollution belt over it has completely receded.

Here is what Karachi looks like with little pollution and a clear sky.

Images via: Color Shot Filming and Photography

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