China’s Smartphone Market Shows Signs of Recovery After COVID-19

The indomitable spread of the global pandemic that started with China disrupted the global economy, production, and supply chain. The smartphone industry, like most others, was hit hard due to halt in productions and retail store closures.

Tech giants like Xiaomi and Apple suffered a great deal. The latter was able to sell only half a million iPhones. However, we are seeing the first signs of recovery in March.

According to Reuters:

Mobile phone shipments in China in March totaled 21 million units, according to data from the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT). Apple shipped roughly 2.5 million iPhones in China in March, a slight rebound after one of its worst months in the country ever, according to government data published on Friday.

Even though this is a more than three-fold increase from February, the sales are still 20% down as compared to the same period yesteryear.

As far as Xiaomi is concerned, the Chinese tech giant’s CFO Shou Zi Chew, while talking about its sales, detailed that China has entered the full recovery stage thanks to which the company has already recovered 80-90% of its normal capacity. Chew also told the media that Xiaomi’s sales have fallen during the pandemic, although he did not reveal the exact numbers. The company is expecting to make up for the lost sales in the upcoming months.

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