German Expert Warns Against Lifting Lockdown Too Early

Former advisor to the German government on disease control has warned the world against easing coronavirus restrictions too early.

Alexander Kekulé, while speaking to a French news agency explained how the country’s lockdown has been less effective than they hoped.

When asked why Germany was observing a late boom in COVID-19 cases, Alexander replied that their government had tested a lesser number of people early on which had somehow covered the number of infections.


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However, as the disease is maturing in the country, the number of positive cases and deaths have been increasing.

He warned the government against lifting the lockdown early which may backfire in the future.

The country’s leading epidemiologist continued that extensive testing around the country won’t be effective without a strict lockdown because people testing negative today can contract the virus tomorrow.

He suggested the government to arrange and ensure the isolation of senior citizens because they are more at risk than the rest of the people.


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That is the only way forward toward a smart lockdown, without which, the country cannot survive for long.

He urged to take precautionary measures, such as physical distancing, usage of face masks and hand sanitizers before visiting elderlies or before going out.

The virus is still danger, it still poses the risk, especially to elderly people who are at high risk of dying of this [virus]. As long as we didn’t bring them into a shelter, we cannot lift the lock.

He also highlighted that lifting restrictions without due safety measures in place might push Germany back to square one putting more lives at risk.

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