Hackers in Pakistan are Targeting Children to Steal Credit & Debit Card Details

While the rate of street crimes has declined to unprecedented levels thanks to the Coronavirus-induced lockdown, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has recorded a surge in cybercrimes during the same period.

In this regard, the Cyber Crime Wing (CCW) of FIA has issued an advisory for the parents to educate their kids to remain safe from cybercrimes.

The advisory has been issued in the wake of an alarming rise in the number of complaints lodged by the parents stating that cybercriminals have targeted their children to gain access to personal information such as a residential address, bank and credit card details, photographs and more.


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Data usage among children has increased during the lockdown as it is the only source of entertainment for them with grounds, parks, and cinema houses shutdown.

All complaints follow the same pattern; a child first becomes friends with a complete stranger on social media platforms. Soon the stranger either tries to talk the child into spilling the beans or sends a link offering rewards in exchange for a simple task to gain access.


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CCW FIA has advised following measures for parents to adopt and curb cybercrimes during the lockdown

  • Give controlled internet access or shared browsing services to children
  • Educate children to never accept friend requests or click on any link from strangers
  • Shop only from certified online stores to avoid incurring a financial loss

  • Grateful to CCW the FIA Cyber Crime Authorty etc., should be vigilant to the misuse of the kids. Regards

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