Punjab Police to Use Drones to Crackdown Against Kite Flyers

Punjab Police has decided to use drones for surveillance as part of a province-wide crackdown against kite flyers. They will be using drones to locate, identify, and arrest the culprits.

With public places under lockdown due to the novel coronavirus, citizens have little options to keep themselves entertained at home. Despite a ban on kite flying in the province, people are blatantly violating the law with complete disregard for human life.


Each year, numerous deaths are reported due to incidents linked with kite flying. Most of the time unsuspecting bike riders are killed as glass-coated sharp strings slit their throats. Several incidents of falling from rooftops while flying a kite or getting electrocuted while catching a kite are also reported each year.

Last month, a 25-year old bike rider died after a stray string slit his throat at Ferozepur Road, Factory Area, Lahore.

In addition to using drone cameras, Punjab Police has also decided to launch an aggressive crackdown against kite sellers to prevent the loss of precious lives.

  • Good step. Koi number batao ta k main bc apne mohallay k gaandu larkon ko report karun jo din raat chatton pe ma chudaate hain gudday ura ura k ma ki choot

  • Punjab police is one of the most corrupt police of the world. I am pretty sure that billions of rupees will be spent to import drones and the pockets of some police officers will be filled.
    Also In Punjab thefts, murders, rapes and dacoits are increasing day by day and our police wants to enjoy watching drones and kite flying kids?. Shame on Punjab police and everyone who is thinking of this step as revolutionary.

    Also please study from Korea and other countries, where “Legal Kite Flying” has become a Multi Billion Dollar economy. Koreans call it “Yeonnalligi” and are earning billions from their traditions of Kite flying.

  • Greetings from Pakistan !
    May Allah the Al-Mighty help mankind to overcome this global pandemic !
    With MALICE towards NONe !
    Its an unlawfull, most stupid and a complete shamefull decission. Police has no right to supervise an offence at the cost of civillian privacy.
    One can easily locate the house from the road easily, as the kite and string are quite visible.
    Needless to mention, our Islamic culture does not allow such an act too.
    This henious activity will just please shameless people and over the facebook and the tik-tok media.
    Spend these funds on this global pandemic and affectees, health and education.
    High-ups please awake to the tune of the possible misuse.
    Best of Regards and a bundle of thanks.

    • I completely agree. People’s privacy will be breached and videos will be viral on social media which is a very alarming thing.

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