Xiaomi to Debut a 150MP Camera Smartphone Later This Year

Rumors of Samsung working on a whopping 150MP camera were making rounds on the internet last month. Endorsing the rumors, the latest industry reports showcase that Samsung, in collaboration with Xiaomi, is working on a camera that top’s Samsung Galaxy S20’s 108 MP camera.

According to the ice universe, a famous tipster, the first Smartphone to come with Samsung’s 150 MP camera will be Xiaomi’s. Moreover, the smartphone is expected to hit the markets by Q4 2020. Keeping in mind the Chinese tech giant’s yearly release portfolio, the new imaging sensor is expected to make a debut with Mi MIX series or the Mi CC series.

The camera sensor has allegedly completed the R&D phase and has a footprint of around 1-inch. It uses Samsung’s Nonacell technology, similar to what we saw in the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s ISOCELL Bright HM1 sensor. The leak also details that the company has started working on the development of a 250 MP camera sensor.

In other news, Samsung, via a recent blog post, reported that the company is currently working on a 600 MP camera sensor that rivals the human eye. Moreover, the OEM is also working on sensors that can register smells and tastes.

Yongin Park, EVP, Head of Sensor Business Team and System LSI Business, writes:

Sensors that even go beyond human senses will soon become an integral part of our daily lives, and we are excited by the potential such sensors to have to make the invisible visible and help people by going beyond what our own senses are capable of.

The Korean tech giant is not focusing on Smartphones only anymore. According to the blog post, Samsung is working on expanding its portfolio into other rapidly-emerging fields such as autonomous vehicles, IoT, and even drones. Hence, the massive advancement in imaging capabilities of the company’s imaging sensors over the past year make sense now.