7.1 Billion People Are Under Lockdown Around The World: Report

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, cross border movements have completely halted and a new study by the Pew Research Center says that currently, 7.1 billion people are living in countries with restrictions.

These include people arriving from other countries who aren’t nationals or residents, this accounts for 91% of the world’s population with people such as tourists, business travelers, and new immigrants unable to leave their homes.


The study adds that around 39% or 3 billion people reside in countries who have closed their borders to non-citizens and non-residents completely, it cites the information provided by the UN and other such bodies.

China, where 1.4 billion people reside, closed its borders starting 28th March to foreigners minus diplomatic and scientific personnel. India with its approximately 1.4 billion population closed its borders by suspending visas and directing all arrivals regardless of citizenship to quarantine for two-weeks. The USA has also closed to its borders to people who aren’t citizens or residents as well as countries that have been affected by the pandemic.

The study does mention that while countries have closed their borders to people, they have allowed the movement of goods.

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