A Look at the Wrecked Islamabad Airport After Recent Rains [Photos]

Islamabad and the suburban areas received torrential rains in the last few days, especially on Sunday and Monday, causing serious damage to the buildings at the Islamabad International Airport (IIA).

The airport building was readied at a staggering and rather extravagant cost of over Rs.100 billion. While many considered it as a technological marvel and the most advanced airport in the country, others thought it was inaugurated in a haste to gain political mileage. However, the new airport building gave up against the recent spell of rains.

Heavy rains in the twin cities over the weekend not only inundated many low-lying areas but also damaged ceiling and windows Islamabad airport.

The rainstorm proved to be too much for the windowpanes of the domestic departure lounge as they started shattering. After a few minutes, the ceiling of the airport also dripping at various spots.

Here are some of the pictures of the rain wreaking havoc inside the airport’s building:





Roof of Islamabad International Airport Starts Leaking Again

This is not the first time the IIA building has failed to survive rain spells. Back in 2018, a few months after the inauguration, the airport’s ceiling couldn’t withstand the average rainfall and started to leak, exposing the poor construction work.

The rainwater was all over the floor of the briefing area and other places as the staff kept drying the floors. However, the efforts were of no use, and water kept coming in. It turned out that the sewerage system at the airport was also not fully functional.

    • Zulfi Bukhari’s father and his family affiliated company is one of the former contractors. He is now dry cleaned from “Insaaf Laundry Services”, so no action will be taken.

      • There are lot of construction companies including Nespak involved in this fraudulent construction. It was built and inaugurated in NS regime

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