Adnan Siddiqui Gets Schooled for Mimicing Sarfaraz Ahmed on Live TV [Video]

No one can change the way they speak. It’s natural and no one should be mocking others for their disabilities or impediments which is considered very insensitive and that is exactly what veteran actor Adnan Siddiqui did a few days ago on the sets of Ramadan transmission, Jeeto Pakistan League.

The renowned celebrity made fun of former Pakistan captain, Sarfaraz Ahmed’s speech impediment, during the show and has since been facing the heat for his insensitivity.

The two are captaining their respective teams on the show, however, things got slightly ugly when Adnan Siddiqui mimicked Sarfaraz Ahmed. While the Champions Trophy-winning captain didn’t say anything, his fans and Twitter users are not having it at all. They are bashing the actor for disrespecting a national hero on live TV.

Here’s how it all went down.

A few days back, Adnan Siddiqui called Aamir Liaquat’s joke on Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor’s death as extremely callous, apologizing to their families in a length Instagram post. He regretted being a part of the show, however, he has now stirred a whole new controversy with his own act.


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Let’s have a look at how social media is responding to him mimicking Sarfaraz:

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  • یار تم لوگ ویسے اپنی یوتھیا پہچان سے کب جان چھڑاؤ گے؟
    عامر لیاقت جیسے بندے کی جو گندی کی تھی کچھ دن پہلے عدنان صدیقی نے، تم لوگوں نے اسکا حساب برابر کرنے کیلئے پوری پوسٹ لکھ دی؟
    کمال ھے ویسے، یہ سب مصالحہ سے زیادہ مصالحہ ٹویٹر پر ھے تو بندہ اس بلاگ پر کیوں آئے؟
    عامر عطاء نے کہاں سے گرا کر اسکو کہاں گٹر میں پہنچا دیا ھے
    کچھ تھوڑا پڑھے لکھے لوگوں والا لیول رکھو کچھ الگ.. بہت کچھ ھے جس پر لکھا جا سکتا ھے

  • Adnan Siddique should immediately apologize to our cricket Sarfaz Ahmed for mocking him. How digesting & immature behavior by our well known actor. Shame on you Adnan Siddique.

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