You Can Now Register Your Car At Home in Islamabad

An important step has been taken to facilitate car registration in Islamabad.

Director Excise Islamabad, Bilal Azam while said that originally teams that are supposed to register a car will now visit the house and register it and apart from this, they will also provide the number plates of the vehicle.

Implementing the vision of PM Imran Khan’s door-to-door service of car registration, Azam said that the team would comprise officials from NADRA and Excise department. He added that interested citizens wouldn’t have to come to the excise office anymore.

The director also said that the citizens need not wait in queues; rather the services would now be one call away which would be set in motion once the lockdown is over.

Earlier, PM Imran Khan had also introduced applications that provided 43 different online services to customers. The application helped the residents of Islamabad avoid the hassle of waiting and avail services like E-policing, emergency services, and other necessary certificates. The application can also help in the acquisition of domicile, CNIC, and arms licenses while car registration, payment of token taxations, and the residents wouldn’t have to go to offices for death or birth certificates as well.

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  • May I ask that this facility also available all over pakistan or only for Islamabad.

  • PM Imran Khan had also introduced applications that provided 43 different online services to customers.

    Can anyone mention application link or name please?

  • 6 mahine ho gae haen Pindi men kamagz jama kerwae the, na to kagaz wapis de rhe haen original nahi card bna he. ajeeb bc

  • The details of procedures n Process with phone numbers could have been provided in this post too !!
    Hopefully it ll be shared soon !!
    Seems okay

  • I’ll ensure you that PM Anouncements is not resolving problems for ordinary people it’s a luxury for rich people or government officials to register their vehicles in home.

    – How did they know if car has been stolen?
    – How many men hours they spent to register 1 car by coming each and every home?
    – Why they not make that process easy enough so people could register their vehicles quickly by visit their office or online service?
    – They could easily creates more opportunities and jobs for people by opening more offices and streamline their internal motor vehicles and Government processes.

  • Good Step taken by PM and Authorities
    Plz share app name And process how to pay token charges online?

  • This is good initiative and step taken by the present government regarding registration of cars from home. It would be nice if car registration annual renewal online system is introduced in order to avoid unnecessary crowd at the registration offices particularly in the wake of Corona pandemic. Thanks

  • What about my registration card which was suppose to given me on 31st march. But still not ready.

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