CDA Develops A Smart Real Time Progress Monitoring System for Islamabad

Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to develop a real-time monitoring system to track the progress of each ongoing project in the federal capital.

The decision has been taken at the directives of CDA Chairman and Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Chief Commissioner, Aamer Ali Ahmed.


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Under the proposed project, CDA will install cameras at all project sites in Islamabad. These cameras will be connected to a central monitoring system at the CDA headquarters, offering a 24/7 stream of projects. The system will also produce real-time work progress data and ensure timely completion of all the projects.

Initially, CDA has installed cameras at the construction sites of the Sector G-7/G-8 underpass and Burma bridge at the Lehtrar Road. The system will be expanded to other projects including the Capital Hospital and Park Enclave in the weeks to come.


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To provide easy access to concerned officers, a Smartphone application will also be developed for the monitoring system in the coming days.

CDA has restarted development work on all projects in the federal capital after a brief gap due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

  • Well, shame on CDA, been 2 months and they are not opening one-window operations for new transfers, even after lockdown being eased they’re very lazy and corrupt people inside CDA. Govt must take action on why new transfers are closed, how is construction sector going to boom CDA isn’t transferring people properties.

  • It’s great step for the real time progress knowing and mid course corrections. However, please also install cameras CDA offices to prevent corruption

  • All times the most corrupt office under the nose of govt. Can someone check?

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