Situation Report: Pakistan Add Lowest New Cases in Seven Days

Pakistan yesterday added its lowest tally to new coronavirus cases of just 1,140 — which is lowest in last seven days and lower than previous day in a third consecutive day.

Sindh added highest number of cases and added 537 new cases to its tally to over-take Punjab’s numbers for the first time that stood at 11,869. KP, Punjab and Islamabad added 206, 44 and 37 cases respectively.


Total number of deaths during last 24 hours stood at 39 — up from 28 deaths that were reported a day earlier. AJK reported its first death since the emergence of viral disease in the country.

Punjab reported 13 deaths during 24 hours while KP and Sindh recorded 12 and 11 deaths respectively. One patient died in Balochistan and another in Islamabad as well.

More in below table and graphs:

Confirmed Cases In 24 Hours Tests in 24 Hours Deaths Last 24 Hours
AJK 86 00 81 01 01
Balochistan 2,061 44 636 27 01
GB 457 15 139 04 00
Islamabad 716 37 669 06 01
KP 4,875 206 1,134 257 12
Punjab 11,869 328 4,568 211 13
Sindh 12,017 537 3,739 200 11
Total 31,081 1,140 10,957 667 39


  • lockdown easing will fix this problem of low number of cases. the disease will spread like wildfire.

  • ProPK staff please do not initiate misleading headlines for general public. The actual cause of low reports is the decrease in the number of tests, which should have been increased many folds by now. The headline makes it seem as if covid-19 spread is now stopping since low number of cases have been reported positive. Don’t know how many people will share this link (and hence the headline) which will mislead the mass population that does not understand the underlying cause and in turn will cause more people to come out on the streets which makes the whole situation even worse. I have no interest of my own. Simply suggesting changes based upon facts for the betterment of all of us! Thank you!

  • Pakistan has already shared data with whole world and upon direction of Pakistan whole world is now considering easing lockdown after seeing the minimal effects of corona in Pakistan.

  • Propk, stop spreading fake media news. Did you confirm anything from your sources? Of course not, just for the sake of news, don’t spread this propaganda. There is no covid-19 in Pakistan. 90% results are fake in Pakistan. This covid will be the biggest scam in the history of mankind.

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