Mobilink Microfinance Bank Records Its Highest Profit Ever

Mobilink Microfinance Bank has recorded double-digit growth of 12% year-on-year in 2019 with a handsome increase in its values of assets, deposits, and loan portfolio.

The bank’s profits increased to Rs. 920 million in 2019 from Rs. 818 million in 2018, showing an increase of Rs. 102 million.

The microfinance bank maintained the highest profit values in the microfinance bank sector. It is likely to surpass a profit of Rs. 1 billion this year though there are challenges as well as opportunities for the banks due to prevailing lockdown in connection with the COVID-19 outbreak.

The bank’s financial performance has been tremendous for the past four years with consistent growth in profitability.

It has had a leading role in the development of the microfinance banking sector with a handsome contribution in lending micro-loans to customers as well as mobilizing staggering values of deposits.

The bank’s assets surged to Rs. 33 billion, deposits base also grew to Rs. 29 billion, and advances stood at Rs. 15 billion by the end of 2019. It has also invested over Rs. 5 billion in different avenues.

The bank is operating 74 branches including business centers along with a branchless banking service JAZZ Cash through more than 84,000 retail outlets spreading across the country.

It earned a handsome amount of Rs. 6 billion income from its branchless banking services however its expenses on the account of retailers commission, and NADRA related charges, caused a loss of Rs. 260 million from this head.

  • This is a not a big no of profit increasing. Because mobilink bank is already big industy telecom sector advertising and awarenes though out boom. If u are a compare a percentage no of clinte and annual report defiance between other bank.

  • Wrong information. Mobilink micro is not the highest earning micro bank in Pakistan. Khushhali microfinance earned 1.5billion in 2019 as compared to 920 million by mobilink so how it is the highest earning bank in micro industry.

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