Situation Report: Pakistan Adds Record 2,255 New Cases, 31 Deaths in 24 Hours

Pakistan saw its deadliest day in terms of daily new cases as the country added 2,255 new positive coronavirus cases in just 24 hours to take the tally to 34,336.

Of new cases, more than half or 1,356 cases were recorded in Punjab only, while Sindh reported 593 new cases in past 24 hours. KP, Balochistan and Islamabad added 146, 97 and 43 new coronavirus cases respectively.

Sources said that spike in cases in Punjab could be due to back-log of tests in the province as the province reported only 800 cumulative cases in previous two days; indicating that a lot of tests came back yesterday and were reported accordingly.

Number of deaths reached 31 in 24 hours, of which 24 patients were on ventilator; indicating a high fatality rate when patients are on ventilator.

Number of hospitalizations reached 7,876, of whom 195 are critical while another 128 patients are on ventilator.

Hospitalizations grew sharply yesterday as 1,215 new hospitalizations were recorded in a single day.

It is expected that fatalities could spike in coming days as number of patients in ICU are on the rise.

A total of 8,812 have so far recovered and discharged from the hospitals.

COVID-19 in Healthcare Workers

A total of 912 health care workers have been tested positive for the coronavirus in Pakistan. Of these professionals, 486 are doctors, 146 are nurses while 280 individuals are from other health care staff of the hospitals.

198 health care professionals — who were tested positive — were performing duties in Critical Care facilities while 714 health care professionals  — who tested positive — were performing duties elsewhere.

Off 912 positive cases, only health care workers are in ICU or on ventilator, while remaining 699 health care workers are in stable condition. Another 198 health care professionals have tested negative for the virus and are cleared of the infection.

A total of 11 health care workers died of the disease in the country.

More in below table and graphs:

Confirmed Cases In 24 Hours Tests in 24 Hours Deaths Last 24 Hours
AJK 88 02 102 01 00
Balochistan 2,158 97 428 27 00
GB 475 18 129 04 00
Islamabad 759 43 1,056 06 00
KP 5,021 146 971 267 10
Punjab 13,225 1,356 5,098 214 03
Sindh 12,610 593 4,064 218 18
Total 34,336 1,140 10,957 737 31


Number of patients on ventilator increased sharply to 128 (up from 93 a day earlier) as Punjab also included patients from private hospitals to its tally