Serving the Evolving Taste Buds: How Rooh Afza Has Stayed Relevant Through Generations

It’s hard to imagine your iftar table or dastarkhwan without the red, refreshing drink that inseparably pairs with the classic iftar menu. From grandparents to small kids in the family, everybody dotes on Rooh Afza and its many recipes and concoctions.

Besides being a staple drink of the holy month of Ramazan, Rooh Afza finds home in the kitchen cabinets of nearly all Pakistani households. For generations, the drink has been serving guests and quenching thirst besides satisfying the taste buds longing for its unique and aromatic burst of flavors.


Loved in its original form, the rosy drink is also loved by old and young alike in numerous other forms. From lemonades to rose-flavored custards and ice creams, mojitos to soufflés, and milkshake to lassi and popsicles, Rooh Afza is the base ingredient of Pakistan’s celebrated beverages and desserts.

As it has always been, the ceremonial elixir that is Rooh Afza continues to be the generations’ drink with the makers bringing regular twists to cater to the evolving consumption patterns of the younger people while keeping the purity and the core taste intact.

One of these savory twists came last year when the company launched Rooh Afza Go, a carbonated water-based Rooh Afza drink that took the local beverages market by storm. It was a new and refreshing addition to the age-old carbonated drink market of Pakistan and was received with great appreciation.

Building on one of Pakistan’s oldest and most popular Rooh Afza drink mixes, the company has brought yet another palatable concoction this Ramazan: Doodh Rooh Afza. And growing up in Pakistan, there’s hardly anyone who cannot connect with the distinctive rosy milk drink that has been satiating their thirst for as long as they can recall.

A ready to drink Rooh Afza syrup mixed with milk, Doodh Rooh Afza is perfect for everyone who seeks an instant burst of flavors and energy with the first sip. The idea behind the product is to offer consumers with an instant solution to their favorite Ramazan drink – a chilled glass of Doodh Rooh Afza.

At the moment, Doodh Rooh Afza market roll-out is in its initial phase and the product is currently available in all major retail shops of Karachi, Lahore, and Peshawar. With time, the beverage is set to make it to other big and small shops and retail stores throughout the country so it can be enjoyed by everyone.

We can’t wait to grab Doodh Rooh Afza and break our fast with this tasty and energizing rosy milk drink. And we bet you can’t either.


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