WAPDA To Install 6 Turbines for 2,600 MW Dasu Hydropower Project

WAPDA has stepped up the development of the Dasu hydropower plant as it plans to install six new hydropower Francis turbines and generators for generating renewable energy for remote areas of the country.

The turbines and generators will be provided by GE Renewable Energy in consortium with Powerchina Zhongnan Engineering Corporation Limited, which has been selected by the Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) to supply six Francis turbines and generators for Stage 1 of the new Dasu hydropower plant in Pakistan.

The project will be completed in two stages. The first stage consists of installing a 2,160 MW hydropower plant on the Indus River, which could be expanded to 4,320 MW in a second phase. This project is part of the Vision 2025 Program launched by WAPDA in 2001 and the Government of Pakistan’s Power Policy 2013.

Once commissioned in 2026, the Dasu hydropower plant will power around 4 million households in Pakistan.

The 2.2 GW Dasu hydropower project is one of the most important power generation projects in the country. The plant will help generate clean electricity, ushering in a new era of socio-economic potential and development in remote areas.

WAPDA Chairman Lt Gen Muzzammil Hussain (Retd) said:

The project is vital to add a major quantum of hydroelectricity to the national grid in order to minimize reliance on the expensive thermal generation and lower the power tariff.

Pascal Radue, President, and CEO of the Hydro business of GE Renewable Energy added:

We are proud to start this new collaboration with WAPDA and will support them to develop clean and sustainable electricity in Pakistan. We are also glad to be part of this new hydropower project that will facilitate access to electricity in remote areas.

  • So according to 18th Amendment KP will enjoy more than 200 Billion Rupees annuall additional income when Dasu and other dams will be completed. This will make KP the richest province in terms of Electric Revenue and their Capita Revenue of Funds will reach the highest figure in Pakistan.

    But Punjab is not allowed to build one Kalabagh Dam on the downstream to generate 4500 Megawatts of Electricity.?
    Why this form of Discrimination against Punjab?.

    Punjabis with a slave mentality will never understand that that they are being treated differently and Establishment and One powerful ethnicity is making sure that money is diverted to them and the region of Punjab will never get its due share in Water.

    Punjab was once a land of 5 Rivers. And now they cannot even build one Dam on their own as KP and Sindh is not allowing them. Pure Slave Mentality of Punjab is making it possible.

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