#RIPHumanity Trends as the Whole World Feels Disgusted with Inhumanity in India

While humans are busy fighting the novel coronavirus, other species on earth are threatened by mankind. A pregnant elephant succumbed to death after locals in Kerala, India fed it with a pineapple that was filled with firecrackers.

According to the reports, the explosives injured the wild elephant’s jaw, tongue, and mouth, however, it survived the horrific incident for a week. It couldn’t eat or drink following the abuse and the body was later found in a river nearby after a week.



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The local authorities have initiated a probe into the matter to bring the perpetrators to justice. The autopsy report said that the fetus was just a month old and members of the team cried when they saw it inside the carcass.

The heartwrenching incident has us all in tears as social media users are posting their reactions under hashtags #RIPHumanity, #humanityisdead, #ElephantDeath as well as a few others. Let’s have a look at what the people are saying about the tragic loss:

Warning: Some of the images are graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.


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