Samsung Partners With Gorilla Glass Maker for Making Foldable Phones

Samsung has been working with Dowoo Insys and Schott to produce Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG) for its foldable smartphones. This was used in Samsung’s latest foldable iteration, the Galaxy Z Flip, and was found to be no better than a normal plastic screen. However, the Korean brand is looking to push production even more and is partnering up with Corning, the Gorilla Glass maker, for better UTG.

By working with Corning, Samsung is attempting to bring manufacturing costs down, accelerate development, and also set up a supply chain in the US. For now, Samsung’s plans include using this type of UTG for 2021 foldables. The company is reportedly unhappy with the weight current UTG solutions are adding to smartphones.

This is a step in the right direction seeing how current generation foldables are priced well over $1000. This could help bring the price down for future generations of foldables, starting with the Galaxy Fold 3 in 2021 or the next Galaxy Z Flip.

Corning commented on the development of UTG back in November 2019. They hoped to have a working design for foldables by the end of 2020, and said that one of the biggest hurdles was involving the curve radius of UTG (how tightly the glass is bent when the phone is closed).

This is an obstacle that Samsung and Corning can work out together by pooling resources.

As for Samsung’s 2020 roadmap, the Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to arrive alongside the Note 20 series at the next Unpacked event on August 5. The Galaxy Fold 2 will be equipped with Samsung’s current UTG solutions.

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