PTCL Deploys Nokia Software Products To Enhance Customer Experience And Service

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has deployed Nokia automation, analytics and machine learning software to enhance the customer experience and improve customer service accuracy and efficiency.

Among the products rolled out are Nokia Service Management Platform (SMP), which automates and simplifies the entire customer care process, and significantly reduces the time to resolve customer issues while improving accuracy.

Nokia SMP was deployed across all PTCL Contact Centers in Pakistan. With this, customer service representatives are more efficient with all relevant information including guided resolution steps – now available on a single pane of glass.

PTCL customers can now enjoy a better overall experience as Nokia SMP constantly improves trouble prediction and resolution capability, while reducing customer service costs. The software is based on Nokia Bell Labs machine learning algorithms.

Moreover, PTCL customers can now have an improved quality of experience across internet connectivity, IPTV and communications services by using Nokia’s software solution.

PTCL and Nokia’s collaboration includes the already deployed Nokia Network Analyzer – Copper, as well as Nokia Network Analyzer – Fiber, to gather insights that provide remote diagnosis and troubleshooting of last mile issues, further enhancing service quality and reducing customer service time and operational expense.

Moqeem ul Haque, Chief Commercial and Group Strategy Officer, PTCL, said, “We are committed to digitizing our customer experience and reduce customer effort by meaningful customer interactions with higher on-the-spot resolution. This project has enabled us to re-design our workflows with increased effectiveness at a lower cost. Our collaboration with Nokia has greatly accelerated our experience and organizational transformation.”

Henrique Vale, Head of Nokia Software for MEA, said, “This go-live deployment provides several efficient tools that enhance PTCL’s customer service capabilities and the user experience across the board. We are pleased with the deployment with PTCL and look forward to further supporting one of the leading telecom service provider in Pakistan for its digital transformation efforts.”

  • Good Step. Only Nokia’s state of the art technologies can help PTCL to improve. I hope PTCL can learn more from Nokia’s experiences.

  • Change of software is not the solution.. PTCL has the best internet service and worst customer service. I myself paid 3 moths bill of the internet without using it as the line was dead, Customer service person would close the ticket and open again over period without action. I know dozens of such persons who abandoned ptcl due to poor customer services. The system should be flexible to adjust the bill of customer to waive if there is no internet used due to technical or other issue, but poor coordination among departments of PTCL will not be solved by simply deploying Nokia software………………..It is time to update the software of those managers who don’t know the ground realities of it’s users.

  • I just received 25mbps bill, 4300 PKR for the month of MAY 2020 even though I heard that Federal Govt. removed 12.5pc WHT, even then PTCL added 12.5pc WHT to the month of MAY 2020. So federal Govt. only announced to remove WHT but didn’t implemented it yet on ground level.

  • Customer Care is just a tool to close complaint if it relates Old Cabling system have no solution.
    Exchanges RGM, SBM, BM earned on the name of Rehabilitation with no output.
    Most frequent complainant usually given VDSL helps to stop complaints.
    The role of EVP Customer Care Mian Omar totally played by his team, Farooq, Namrah etc i.e., closed priority complaints without resolution.
    Customer Care favors to Exchange by saying we can not do anything if BM writes he can’t provide standard package displayed on websites like 6MB Min.
    During Daniel Ritz tenure, Exchanges Management destroyed EVO’s infrastructure lost billion to PTCL.
    Million of customer on 3G EVO in Twin Cities were enjoying different times offered packages were not allowing to discontinue, but PTCL on name of Charji destoyed a big customer line in Main Cities.

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