Ufone’s Super Card Gold Is Here

Keeping in view growing data demand of its customers, Pakistani Telecom Company, Ufone, has introduced a lucrative offer by launching Super Card Gold for only PKR 999. This offer will ensure that subscribers remain connected with their loved ones all the time and without any hassle.

The new addition to the Super Card family will facilitate the ones with greater connectivity needs. Super Card Gold offers 12 GB data including 7GB for Facebook, unlimited U-U & U-PTCL minutes, SMS and 300 off-net minutes.


The card will be valid for 30 days and can be activated by self-service channels i.e. dialing *900#, digital mediums i.e. my Ufone app, www.ufone.com via credit & debit card and online partners. Upon subscribing via credit and debit cards via my Ufone app and Ufone websites, customers can avail 10% cash back as well.

Customers can also visit their nearest retailer, to avail the service. The most exciting element of this offer is all taxes are inclusive and there are no additional subscriptions charges; this means no hassle of calculating rates or checking balances.

To cater to the needs of existing customers, any Super Card and Super Card Plus users opting for Super Card Gold can carry forward their resources in the same convenient way. The offer endows customers with peace of mind and allows them to connect with their loved ones with absolute befikri on load amount of only PKR 999.

Ufone’s previously introduced Super Card line-up has some of the most economical packages in the market and is highly popular among customers. With Super Card Gold customers can now connect with no worries at any time of the day.

Currently, many variants of Super Card are available in the market including Mini Super Card, Super Card, and Super Card Plus. However, with Super Card Gold, maximum amount of data and minutes are being provided to customers for their convenience. This is the best offer introduced by the telecom so far.

Being a people-centric brand, Ufone has always ensured to prioritize the desires of its customers. By introducing the new card they have reaffirmed its commitment towards its people and stayed true to the tagline, #TumKheriyatSeRaho because for Ufone the safety, security, and happiness of its customers is the most important.

  • LOL! 12GB will never finish despite 24/7 downloading because the coverage and internet data by Ufone is pathetic just like their call voice quality and disconnection issues.

    Ufone doesn’t even have full coverage on the motorways even decades old M2, what to talk of other areas and roads.

    • They have a solution, 7gb for fb and the remaining is for browsing and other usage. So it’s not 12gb at all. Lol. I have switched from ufone 5 years ago, and I’m happy k jaan chooti… Not a single chance to go back., Lol

  • Advent of Mobile Broadband has completely exposed Ufone as the most Pathetic Telecom Company in Pakistan. They are completely out of game. Pathetic coverage and most anti-consumer packages. I’ll be surprised if they are still around in couple of years

  • I’m using Ufone for over a decade but now I’m tempted to opt for another telco. I don’t want to leave it but I guess they’ve chosen the path of the doomed Nokia, they are lagging behind in providing even the basic services properly.

    Btw for this ‘Gold’ card, my very fair suggestion would be to offer at least 25GB having 10GB for FB, WhatsApp n Instagram and 15GB for regular use and the rest should b the same. Then I guess it’ll be a bit reasonable for users to opt in at Rs. 999/-

    And final advice, improve ur basic services plz. Some towers (Maybe many towers) go offline with loadshedding bcoz there r no generator systems for them to operate in power outages and I’m not even joking, that’s absurd in this day n age.

  • Data connectivity is a joke on ufone.Their Data speeds and connection reliability are what people of other countries experienced 10-15 years ago. I remember I used 3 while being in UK in 2009 and its speed was better than what I see on ufone here

  • Amazing scam. 1000 pkr for 5GB data. Amazing ufone. Your decision making girls are earning every benefit you are providing then.

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