LG is Making a Stretchable Display

LG, the South Korean multinational electronics company, has announced that it will develop a stretchable micro light-emitting diode (LED) display by 2024. The tech giant was tasked by the South Korean government to develop a stretchable display panel. The company will take the lead as one of 21 companies and institutions taking part in the project, which is backed by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy (MOTIE).

Their end goal is to create stretchable display technology that will have a proposed elongation rate of 20%. According to the company, their aim is to be able to manufacture displays of any shape and size like a sheet of paper.

LG Display spokesperson detailed that,

The Industry Ministry chose us to conduct the project for stretchable micro-LED displays as part of its initiative to foster next-generation display development.

The Korean company is hopeful that the new display will be a huge step up from the currently available flexible and foldable screens. Its stretchable property will increase the portability and flexibility of screens being used in cars and other appliances.

The list of potential applications for the new technology is vast. That is if the company succeeds in creating a truly stretchable display. From small consumer electronics gadgets like smartphones to commercial spheres in billboards, flexible displays could revolutionize everything.

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