PM Orders to Dissolve CDA Departments

Prime Minister Office has directed to hand over several departments of Capital Development Authority (CDA) to relevant federal ministries and divisions.

CDA’s hospitals will go under the Ministry of Health, its schools will go to the Ministry of Education, sports and culture directorate to the Ministry of Interprovincial Coordination, and wildlife management to the Ministry of Climate Change.


Road directorates, machinery pool division and special projects will be handed over to the National Highway Authority (NHA), whereas, the maintenance of parliament lodges, Aiwan-e-Saddar, etc. will go under the Ministry of Housing and Works.


CDA Develops A Smart Real-Time Progress Monitoring System for Islamabad

The top office has also stopped the capital development authority from acquiring private land for new sectors and directed it to complete its stalled areas i.e., E-12, I-15, I-11, I-14, etc.

Besides, the PM Office also wants to devolve CDA’s Human Resource and Finance Directorates to MCI and to put the remaining directorates of CDA under the control of Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad.

If recommendations are implemented as is, the role of the decades-old development authority will be limited to the custodian of the master plan only.

In the first week of June, PM Office’s Institutional Reforms Cell had sent a letter to the Federal Secretary Ministry of Interior, directing it to implement the decision in its ‘letter and spirit.’

Though the interior division has submitted a report on the implementation status of the recommendations approved by the federal cabinet. However, several recommendations prepared by the Advisor to the Prime Minister on Institutional Reforms Dr. Ishrat Hussain have been ignored.

The letter urged the interior division to implement the missing recommendations and asked it to prepare an action plan in this regard.

  • Imran Khan is the worst PM in the history of Pakistan. Since Mayor of Islamabad is from PMLN, so he has dissolved all his departments. This guy is the worst thing happened to Pakistan. He is full of Ego and Personal Vendetta. He is running a Government like his personal property and settling Personal Scores. Shame on him.

  • Much needed, CDA was noted for it’s corrupt practices and nepotism but it should also be ensured that MCI operates in a Transparent manner, starting from the elections for Mayor.

  • A very good move indeed!
    CDA is filled with corrupt officials who use funds for their own interest.
    the real estate sector in islamabad will also flourish.

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