Xiaomi’s New Smart Portable Fan Has an Air Throw of 33 Feet

Xiaomi Mijia has come up with another interesting product to make summers a little easier. The Mijia DC portable fan is designed to improve ventilation in small areas by providing a natural breeze-like blow.

Design-wise, the fan follows Xiaomi’s minimalistic approach. Like most Mijia products, the lightweight fan comes in a seamless white exterior.

The Mijia DC portable fan is powered by a brushless motor that features energy-saving technology and noiseless functionality.  It consumes less than 1kWh in 40 hours of continuous use and provides five different levels of wind speed modes. The Mijia DC Portable fan is equipped with a dual circulation fan that blows around 18 cubic meters of air every minute, reaching up to 10 meters (33 feet) in the distance. Moreover, for improved accessibility and circulation, the fan can be moved left/ right by 120 degrees and up/ down by 90 degrees.

The fan also comes with Wi-Fi connectivity making it compatible with other Mijia and Xiaomi products. It can be controlled remotely via the Mijia app or XiaoAI voice assistant.

The Product is currently available for pre-order at a $42 price tag and will be available for sale by 16th June 2020 in China. It will most likely arrive at the mistore.pk later this year.

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