A Snake Delays Airblue’s Flight at Islamabad Airport

An Airblue flight was delayed after a venomous snake was found near the aircraft at the New Islamabad International Airport. The Karachi-bound flight was parked at hangar 20 and was ready to take off when the incident occurred.

Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) staff was called to handle the situation. They killed the reptile with sticks without following any safety protocol and then removed it from the scene to clear the runway for takeoff.


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Guard Against the Locusts

Meanwhile, precautionary measures are being taken to protect airplanes from locusts as swarms overtake various parts of the country. The aviation authority is spraying insecticides and pesticides at all airports.

CAA understands that the locust attack could inflict severe damage to aircraft, which may become a disastrous problem.


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Therefore, they are also spraying all open and green spaces close to the runways.

The aviation watchdog had to suspend flight operations from Benazirabad airport last week due to the locust threat.